Fan Calls EPCOT “Festival of the Drunks,” Campaigns For Breathalyzer Tests on All Guests

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One month ago, a passionate group of Disney Parks fans advocated for the end of what they called “EPCOT Drinking Culture,” alleging an increased number of sloppy, inebriated adults that negatively impacted the family-friendly environment at Walt Disney World Resort. Social media has encouraged Drinking Around the World Showcase, a trend that involves sampling international alcoholic beverages from Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the American Adventure (United States), Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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The popularity of EPCOT festivals inspires more alcohol consumption, too. Limited-time, specialty drinks are available during seasonal events like EPCOT International Festival of the HolidaysInternational Food & Wine FestivalFestival of the Arts, and International Flower & Garden Festival. The Central Florida Disney Park has fallen far from its original, alcohol-free state.

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But once again, Walt Disney World Resort fans say enough is enough. Reddit user u/D_Anger_Dan posted a rant about “the drunk elephant in EPCOT,” arguing that drunk Guests ruined the experience for others.

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“Before the Garden Rocks show popped into the men’s room. Stall next to me a guys bolts in and pukes like I haven’t heard since college,” the Guest recalled. “Walking back to catch Harmonious I felt like I was at Mardis Gras in New Orleans passing so many drunks. On the bus ride home I sat next to a woman, her husband, and daughter. The Mom passed out and the daughter was on a drunken roll with my wife about how her Mom couldn’t keep up with her drinking.”

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The Guest said they don’t expect Disney to change things because alcohol is a “miracle cash cow for them.” Instead, the Guest called for the police to step in. “If I were Orlando PD I would set up every night right outside Disney’s property line and arrest the thousands who are DUI. If I were Disney I would install a breathalyzer for every vehicle exiting Epcot. Isn’t safety first their creed?”

They joked that soon, Guests should expect “Pooh marijuana gummies” at every merchandise location. Besides that, other Disney Parks fans overwhelmingly agreed.

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“I was just going to say who wants to spend their vacation that drunk never mind the raging hangover the next day,” u/Academic_Guava_4190 wrote.

“Epcot is a morning park for us, for that reason,” said u/ctrum69. “I enjoy a nice drink myself, while there. But a lot of people get sloppy stupid and should, well, just have more class.”

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