Disney Fans Call For End to “EPCOT Drinking Culture”

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A bride and groom wearing Mickey shirts and wedding-themed ears toast two champagnes.

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Drinking Around the World” is the hot trend at EPCOT World Showcase at Walt Disney World Resort. Guests can sample international alcoholic beverages from Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the American Adventure (United States), Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Even more drinks are available during festivals like EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays, International Food & Wine Festival, Festival of the Arts, and International Flower & Garden Festival.

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But some Disney Parks fans are tired of drunk Guests ruining the EPCOT World Tour for parents, children, and sober adults. In a post that received nearly 900 votes of support, Reddit user u/sbo47 complained about “EPCOT Drinking Culture.”

Guests smile at each other in front of a Festival of the Arts booth.
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“The amount of incredibly drunk and rude adults I’ve seen in Epcot is insane. Every line for drinks and food is wrapped around another building. I’ve actually seen a women get escorted out a few months ago because she was belligerent and yelling obscenities,” the Guest wrote. “Maybe I’m noticing this more now as an adult with a young child, but I don’t remember this being as prevalent when I was even a young adult or teenager? Like when did Epcot become so synonymous with getting as drunk as possible and just acting like a jerk to cast members/ other guests?”

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Many agreed that Disney Park Guests take things too far. “I’ve seen a wasted woman lift her top and squash her boobs (no bra on) against the glass whilst inside the telephone booth by the UK pavilion,” recalled u/VodafoneManager.

Disney World monorail at EPCOT during the International Flower and Garden Festival
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“As an Orlando resident and Disney passholder, you are one million percent correct,” u/EyezWyde wrote. “Epcot has become the Disney bar for locals and tourists alike. As much as I enjoy the Food & Wine Festival, the rowdiness and full out drunk a’holes ruin it for the regular person. As time goes by it is getting worse. People stumbling over drunk isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘magical.’”

Some fans empathized with the frustrated parent but said it’s always been this way. “I worked at World Showcase about 15 years ago. It was definitely just as bad back then,” said u/TakeSomeFreeHoney.

“I worked Food and Wine back in 2007,” u/critik replied. “Let me tell you: I saw some things.”

Is drunk Guest behavior out of hand at EPCOT? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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