Ezra Miller Will Be Removed From ‘The Flash’ and Replaced With a Familiar Face: Report

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Ezra Miller as the Flash

Credit: Warner Bros.

After months and months of erratic behavior involving felony charges and a potential prison sentence, The Flash‘s Ezra Miller will reportedly be recast when the DC Extended Universe movie drops into movie theaters this June.

The Flash (Ezra Miller) in shock at what he is seeing
Credit: DC / Warner Bros. Discovery

The DC Extended Universe, the DCEU, is going through a turning point. What was once a muddled cinematic franchise will soon be completely reimagined and rebranded into, simply, the DC Universe, or DCU. Helmed by James Gunn and Peter Safran for Warner Bros. Discovery and CEO David Zaslav, the pair have already announced a slew of upcoming projects, including a new Superman movie, Superman: Legacy (2025), another Batman film, a Supergirl outing, and more across big and small screens.

Gunn and Safran are really tearing the old DC Studios model up and starting anew, even going so far as to remove the fan-favorite actor Henry Cavill from his role as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman. What’s more surprising is the inclusion of Cavill as Superman in the post-credits scene of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam (2022) and the subsequent announcement from Cavill himself stating he would return for a new Superman movie.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Credit: Warner Bros.

So with the DCEU burned to ground, and the future of actors like Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), and Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman) seemingly up in the air, just how will the franchise successfully manage to transition into the streamlined DCU? The answer is, The Flash (2023).

The Flash‘s Ezra Miller Recast?

Actor Ezra Miller has starred as Barry Allen AKA the Flash, for years. The actor’s last outing as the character was in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), and come June, Miller will once more don the Scarlet Speedster’s costume for a new adventure. While the new DC Comics-inspired movie has been met with uproarious early test screenings, the excitement of The Flash has been dulled by the actors controversial and illegal behavior, which includes acts of erratic behavior, kidnap, evading the authorities, striking bar patrons, and having cult-like control over one Tokata Iron Eyes, the Native American activist.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash
Credit: Warner Bros.

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With Miller’s activities causing so much backlash for the studio, it was surprising when Warner Bros. Discovery announced it was not just going to fire Miller but considering multiple options — including their removal — and were waiting to see what Miller did to address their behavior. Miller allegedly will be working on themselves, they stated last year that they suffered from “complex mental health issues,” meaning its full speed ahead for the June release of Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, which is stated to “reset everything” and be the transition point for the DCU.

The claim that The Flash is one of “greatest” superhero movies ever made and the seeming lack of reprimand for Miller ignited a backlash for the studio, with many taking to social media to voice their concerns. And now reports are saying the The Flash could be Miller’s last outing as the hero, with another actor replacing them in the DCU in the future.

Ezra Miller as The Flash
Credit: Warner Bros.

According to The Direct, YouTuber John Campea has stated that they have been told that star Ezra Miller will be replaced by The CW’s ArrowVerse Barry Allen, Grant Gustin in the DCU. It is a rumor they themselves have a hard time believing, but as The Flash movie is exploring the notion of the Multiverse, then it is a possibility to at least see other iterations of the character throughout Muschietti’s movie, and the idea of Gustin replacing Miller would tie into earlier reports regarding their removal.

Grant Gustin, of course, has played the role of Barry Allen/Flash in The CW’s The Flash since 2014. The series has been running for nine seasons and will officially wrap up with the ninth season sometime this year.

Grant Gustin as the Flash
Credit: The CW / DC

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The Flash movie will release on June 16, 2023, going toe to toe — for the first time ever — with Disney and Pixar Animation Studios’ Elemental (2023) after being pulled forward by a couple of weeks. Along with Miller, Keaton, and Affleck, The Flash also stars Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Michael Shannon as General Zod, and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are both reprising their role as Batman.

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