DC Star Kidnaps Teenager And Vanishes, Authorities Continue Searching

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Ezra Miller as the Flash

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller has surprisingly vanished after recent allegations of brainwashing and grooming a teenage girl.

Ezra Miller as the Flash
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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The Flash (2023) actor hasn’t been in the best spotlight after assaulting people in Hawaii — one incident including him throwing a chair at a woman — which has left Miller in a tough spot. As of right now, their career with Warner Bros. is up in the air because the company had discussed terminating their contract with the actor after their recent actions in Hawaii, but decided not to.

The recent allegations might be the final straw for Miller’s career as Barry Allen/The Flash. Miller also starred in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, but his future in the Wizarding World might also be done. Johnny Depp once played Grindewald before facing allegations of abuse from his ex-wife Amber Heard, and the actor lost his role with Warner Bros. due to what Heard claimed that he did.

Ezra Miller as the Flash (right) Ben Affleck as Batman (left))
Credit: Warner Bros.

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The court that issued the restraining order on Miller hasn’t been able to reach the actor due to local authorities being unable to find them. With Miller being such a hot topic of debate, fans will surely spot him soon meaning that the actor can’t hide in plain sight.

The concerning part is that according to the LA Times, the actor also has Tokata, the teenage girl he is accused of brainwashing with them. Miller has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing the girl and also reported having had sex with her back in January 2022.

Ezra Miller as the Flash
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Right now, Tokata’s parents are concerned about the influence Miller has on their daughter and worry that the actor might take their daughter away from them. Chase Iron Eyes, the attorney working with Takota’s parents reported that Miller and Tokata couldn’t be located. A court trial was approved, but the problem is that the actor can’t be reached.

Chase Iron Eyes expressed his frustration with trying to reach Miller and Tokata due to the two being so hard to reach:

“They move around so much [that] we’re stuck in this legal limbo situation, and we can’t serve them in any place they’re in long enough. They’ve been flighty. They’ve been avoiding service, and now there’s public pressure mounting on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature. … We’re working very hard to get this order enforced wherever they are.”

The Flash looking at something in the Batcave
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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The court trial is set for July 12th, but the family is concerned that Miller will try to avoid the trial altogether. The actor is known to get violent as he had choked a fan a few years back. While the actor’s career was just getting started, Miller has ruined any chances of them having any big roles now due to their controversial actions.

Do you think Miller will go to prison after hiding Tokata with him? Do you think he will keep his role as the Flash?

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