Oscar Isaac Inspires Marvel, MCU Ditches Moon Knight With Sudden Change

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Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Moon Knight

Credit: Marvel Studios

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight has been shockingly removed from the MCU intro for She-Hulk making fans worried that the super hero won’t return.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight being impaled by spears
Credit: Marvel Studios

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When the traditional Marvel intro rolled for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, there was no Moon Knight. Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster/Mighty Thor could be spotted alongside Ms. Marvel, but Moon Knight was no longer present.

This angered fans for several different reasons, but one big surprise was that it seems that Marvel took inspiration from Oscar Isaac and still managed to not promote his super hero.

Hulk and She-Hulk eating Cheetos with chopsticks
Credits: Marvel Studios

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Several fans online wondered why Moon Knight was removed from the Marvel intro after only being in the intro for 3 MCU projects:

Why they removed Moon Knight from the intro, what are your thoughts?

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idk but i miss seeing him there

he’s being retconned out of the mcu ofc

they did… they… they removed moon knight from intro



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Other fans brought up how Oscar Isaac’s chopstick idea with Cheetos was used in the series:

Marvel you’re really sending mixed signals with no Moon Knight in the intro and an Oscar Isaac chopsticks reference in she-hulk

This is literally exactly what I thought when I watched that scene

first thing i did when the intro play was rewind to look for steven and he wasn’t there

Marvel trynna gaslight us fr

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With Marvel no longer signing actors with multi-year contracts, it is hard for MCU fans to know exactly when a certain actor might stop playing a certain super hero. With Oscar Isaac, it’s hard to know whether or not the actor will get to play the character again.

For now, rumors of Season 2 happening are all fans have to hope for, with D23 potentially confirming the second season. If not, fans might worry that Marvel might leave Moon Knight behind as the MCU continues to expand.

More on She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Sakaarian Ship in front of Jennifer and Bruce
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Here’s the official synopsis for the new Marvel series: 

This new comedy series sees Bruce Banner help his cousin, Jennifer Walters, when she needs an emergency blood transfusion and guess what? She receives his powers too. Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer, who is a lawyer specializing in superhuman-oriented legal cases. Mark Ruffalo is back as the Hulk alongside Tim Roth, who plays the Abomination.

Jameela Jamil as Mary MacPhearson AKA Titania on Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law in courtroom looking at phone
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Phase Four might be coming to a close, but MCU fans have a lot to look forward to with Phase Five and Phase Six. On Disney+, you can watch Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. For movies, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness is now on Disney+ with  Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters, and of course, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is released on November 11.

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