Disney Brings Back “Sold Out” Merchandise at Reduced Rate, Outrages Fans AGAIN

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shopDisney allows Disney fans from across the world to get a piece of magical merchandise shipped directly to their home. Known for including Disney Park items too, shopDisney even gives those shoppers that cannot visit theme parks like Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris the option to get sought after Park stuff, too.

However, it is not always smooth sailing when shopping online, and some fans recently became critical of Disney’s website when previously “sold out” merchandise landed online alongside the quiet release of a brand new Walt Disney Company collectible.

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Credit: Disney

Over the past year, the former online Disney Store has pulled in massive demand with its monthly release of the Stitch Crashes Disney collection. The series, which began 12 January 2021, sees the fan-favorite Disney “dog”, Experiment 626 AKA Stitch of Lilo and Stitch (2002) fame “crash” various other Disney movies. Stitch Crashes Disney features a number of items such as soft toys, pins, and clothing but it is the soft toys that have seemingly drawn the most sales.

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Each month, fans clamor to get the latest release with the soft toys going on to be resold for up to three figures — for context, Disney sells the soft toy range at $29.99 (£27.50) — on Facebook selling pages and eBay. The Disney character plushes continually sell out online which leads to the massive ramp-up in pricing leading to fans forking out hundreds to complete their collection. So far the range has included the following:

stitch crashes disney
Credit: Disney

January — Beauty and the Beast (1991)

February — Lady and the Tramp (1955)

March — The Lion King (1994)

April — The Little Mermaid (1989)

May — Pinocchio (1940)

June — Aladdin (1992)

July — Sleeping Beauty (1959)

August — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

September — The Jungle Book (1967)

October — Pocahontas (1995)

November — Peter Pan (1953)

December — Mulan (1998)

Mulan Stitch Crashes Disney
Credit: shopDisney

However, in an interesting turn of events, the United Kingdom shopDisney website dropped the latest release inspired by Mulan with much less of the usual fanfare and notifications — including a lack of virtual waiting room –, as well as quietly announce that some plushes from the previous collections had been restocked at a reduced rate. This riled fans so much they couldn’t help but speak out against the brand.

Replying to shopDisney’s Facebook announcement, fans instantly became outraged over the launch:

Natasha W. said:

You have outdone yourselves this time. Doesnt come up in searches finally shows up and says all gone. Then disappears off the website again. How is such a mega company such a mega JOKE!

Andrew A. commented:

It shouldn’t be this much a struggle to purchase from your store, it’s a nightmare.

Katie M. was quick to notice the formerly “sold out” collections returning at a reduced price:

Why on earth are previous months on sale at reduced prices when we are told each month that they are all sold out?

Julie B. echoed the previous sentiments:

Furious that over the past year people have painstakingly spent time and money buying these collector stitch crashes Disney only to find that some of the items from this collection are now on sale for £19.19

These are just a handful of the 759 comments on the Facebook announcement post…

nighttime castle MInnie Mouse Main Attraction
Credit: shopDisney

This is just the next in a long line of criticism against shopDisney. Recently, the brand came under fire when numerous fans ordered the sought after 50th anniversary Walt Disney World Spirit Jersey only to find that the product was completely different, with significantly less quality, than they thought. The backlash saw Disney remove the product listing from their website.

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However, the Stitch Crashes Disney debacle has not stopped shopDisney from announcing their next monthly collection for 2022. Following the success of the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection, Disney will launch the Mickey Mouse Main Attraction Collection next year. This is sure to have fans at their computers on release day, aiming to secure the next hotly anticipated series.

Did you manage to get involved with the Stitch Crashes Disney collection? Let us know in the comments down below!

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