Lilo and Stitch Slow Cooker Sprinkles Fun Into Your New Cooking Routine

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Credit: BoxLunch

With all of this extra time we suddenly have to spend at home, a lot of us have been looking for ways to make some monotonous daily routines a bit more exciting! One of the things that I have been leaning into lately is spending more time in the kitchen trying out fun recipes that I’ve found online. 

Credit: BoxLunch

Sprinkling Magic Into Home Life

Another thing I’ve tried hard to prioritize since our society’s collective social distancing began, is bringing a little extra Disney magic into my homelife. Whether that be through watching Disney films after work, listening to Disney soundtracks in the background of cleaning or even attempting to make some delicious Disney parks snacks during my freetime! Another thing that adds a little bit of magic to home life is finding Disney home decor and merchandise. 

Credit: BoxLunch

BoxLunch’s Lilo and Stitch Slow Cooker

BoxLunch’s Lilo and Stitch with snacks Slowcooker is the perfect combination of these things! Not only will it make you more excited to cook, but it will add a pop of color and magic into your kitchen! The cooker is seven quarts and has an adjustable heat control and a tempered glass lid. The pattern features our favorite little alien Stitch snacking on ice cream, strawberries, pumpkins and more. 

Credit: BoxLunch

On Sale Now!

Still not sure if you should add it to your list? Well this might help. It’s currently on sale for $37.42, down from $49.90, and available on their website to ship immediately! So treat yourself to some magic mail and let’s get cooking! 

Credit: BoxLunch

Need Recipe Ideas?

Not sure what to cook when your crock pot arrives? We’ve got you covered! Check out this article on the Disney Family website with 5 Must-Make Slow Cooker Recipes! First up on my list is the Kalua Pork Nachos! 

What will you be making in your new Lilo and Stitch slow cooker?


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