shopDisney Completely Removed Some 50th Merchandise Following Backlash

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As Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration is well underway, highly anticipated merchandise has finally arrived at the Resort and online at But a huge backlash following the delivery of wrong items to eager fans may have prompted Disney to remove these items completely from the online sale area.

shopDisney Removes 50th Merchandise Following Backlash

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The EARidescent Spirit Jersey featuring the “50” logo and “Walt Disney World” on the back was eagerly awaited by Spirit Jersey and Disney Park fans. Being offered in both a Walt Disney World and Disneyland version, the Spirit Jerseys flew off the shelves at a high rate despite the unusually enormous cost.

Earidescent Spirit Jersey back wdw
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Fans remained curious since advertisements for the purple and pink garment showed a classic puff lettering on the backside and an embroidered logo on the front, yet was displayed for sale with sequin lettering. Nevertheless, fans ordered them, wanting a piece of the birthday celebration for themselves.

As the items began to arrive, customers opened the boxes to find “fake” versions of what they ordered, with incorrect Park names, or generic replacements. Of course, they were upset (some calling themselves irate), but they were without help as shopDisney continued to claim they had the correct items and SKU numbers.

A particular fan took to TikTok to warn shoppers of the mix-ups, and commenters fell in line with complaints of their own and widespread stories of similar happenings with this particular piece of merchandise. Twitter is flowing with similar stories. Twitter user Nicola mentioned to shopDisney,

“How come there’s a big problem with so many orders of the iridescent spirit jersey WaltDisneyWorld & they all receive a whole different design,but when check that customer service the SKU number matched but it’s the wrong design.can this corrected, cause so many calls are comin”

What Spirit Jersey? No Spirit Jerseys Here!

So what did shopDisney do about it? Other than nearly gaslight all their shoppers, they took the off the site completely, with nary a “sold out” comment, but instead, dead-end links and google results to a Wreck it Ralph 404 error.

Credit: shopDisney

Other but the EARidescent Spirit Jerseys for both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been removed. Of course, if you are an in-store shopper on either cost, it will be easy for you to choose the correct garment for you, but until shopDisney gets their Princesses in a line, they will be hearing complaints from unhappy shoppers.

Did you receive the incorrect Spirit Jersey from shopDisney? Or are you trying to get the one you want from home? Leave us a comment below!

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