The First Force-Sensitive ‘Star Wars’ Droid May Be Coming Soon

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In the current Star Wars canon — Legends stories like Dark Horse Comic issue “Skippy the Jedi Droid” notwithstanding — there are no known Force-sensitive Astromech droids.

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While it could be argued — and certainly has been, by some Star Wars fans — that the Force was with R2-D2 throughout the Skywalker Saga, the “ultimate” Star Wars hero’s Force connection has never been confirmed.

Now, as part of the new Star Wars: Visions anime-inspired series, the Star Wars franchise is set to introduce a brand new droid whose dearest wish is to become a Jedi Knight.

t0-b1 star wars visions
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As we’ve seen since Star Wars: A New Hope, droids can be heroes in their own right. In Science Saru’s “T0-B1,” we’ll get to know one that dreams even bigger. “T0-B1 is a humanoid droid, full of curiosity, who dreams to be a Jedi Knight,” Shirasaki [Kanako Shirasaka, Visions producer] tells “He’s an assistant to Professor Mitaka in his quest to bring life back to a barren land.”

Inherent in T0-B1’s desire to become a Jedi is an endearing childlike quality.

star wars visions t0-b1
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The article went on to share quotes from the team about the cute new Star Wars character, who might just give The Mandalorian’s pop culture sensation, Grogu, a run for his money:

“T0-B1 acts like a little kid, whose attention doesn’t last long. He wants to play Jedi rather than help Professor Mitaka complete his research, which is quite unique compared to what we have seen thus far in the Star Wars universe,” Shirasaki says. “Most droids have been programmed to fulfill their duties right away. Instead, T0-B1 is still learning and has the potential to grow, mature, and change.” And T0-B1’s design reflects his personality and programming…

“T0-B1 matures from a mischievous kid into an experienced character during just this one episode,” Shirasaki says. “Will he realize his dream of becoming a Jedi knight? Watch and you’ll find out.” 

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Although Shirasaki stopped short of confirming that T0-B1 is actually Force-sensitive, it is certainly intriguing that Star Wars is even introducing the possibility of a non-organic life form potentially becoming a Jedi Knight.

To date, due to the fact that it has always been said that midichlorian count plays a key role in Force sensitivity — look at Anakin Skywalker and Grogu as prime examples — droids (who, of course, lack blood) haven’t been categorized as Force users.

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So, even though Visions has not officially been confirmed as part of the existing Star Wars canon, the “T0-B1” episode has the potential to introduce some very interesting questions about exactly how the Force functions within the Star Wars galaxy.

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The official description of Star Wars: Visions reads:

Seven Japanese anime studios bring their unique talent and perspective to Star Wars: Visions, a collection of animated Original Short Films, streaming September 22 on Disney+

More on the Force in the Star Wars Universe

the force
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The official Star Wars Databank describes the Force as:

The Force is a mysterious energy field created by life that binds the galaxy together. Harnessing the power of the Force gives the Jedi, the Sith, and others sensitive to this spiritual energy extraordinary abilities, such as levitating objects, tricking minds, and seeing things before they happen. While the Force can grant users powerful abilities, it also directs their actions. And it has a will of its own, which both scholars and mystics have spent millennia seeking to understand.

Are you excited to officially “meet” T0-B1, the Star Wars galaxy’s cutest new droid?

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