Marvel Studios Reportedly Creating ‘Jurassic Park’ Style Movie

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jurassic world end scene t-rex roar

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Marvel Studios is rumored to be working on a dinosaur movie that would, in many ways, be reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park universe.

jurassic park t rex
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With the success of Universal’s Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises, it is unsurprising that The Walt Disney Company would be looking to capitalize on the continued popularity of dinosaurs in a new way. To date, Disney’s forays into dinosaur films — Dinosaur (2000) and The Good Dinosaur (2015) — have not been major hits with fans or critics.

the savage land
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Marvel boss Kevin Feige and Co., however, already have the perfect way to bring a prehistoric world into the MCU — the Savage Land from Marvel Comics. This secretive prehistoric tropical landscape is hidden in the Antarctic Circle.

the savage land dinosaurs
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Per the Marvel Fandom Wiki:

The Savage Land, set in Antarctica at the base of the Palmer Peninsula, is a tropical prehistoric land surrounded by volcanoes deep. It is a tropical preserve hidden from the rest of the world. It is located at approximately 69º 30’ S, 68º 30’ W.

savage land treehouse dinosaurs
Credit: Marvel Comics

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The entry goes on to outline many of the Marvel Universe characters who have made their way to the Savage Land in Marvel comic book issues:

Over time the Savage Land became home to various outsiders, some by accident and others to exploit the people and the natural resources. Some of the residents include:

  • Ka-Zar
  • Shanna
  • Zabu

Two ships became stranded in the Savage Land during World War II; the Neu Deutschlanders and the New Britannia. They married local women and continued the feud into modern times.

Credit: Marvel

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Furthermore, a Savage Land-inspired Marvel movie could provide an avenue for Magneto — and Wolverine, who has also ventured to the Savage Land —  to finally make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, as he is known to visit this land in the comics:

A number of superhumans have lived in the Savage Land, notably: Sauron, Garokk and Zaladane, the Savage Land Mutates, Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy, and Stegron the Dinosaur Man. The supervillain Magneto has lived there on several occasions when he led the Savage Land Mutates. Chtylok the Che-K’n Kau is a mysterious creature that lived and was worshiped by the Fall People.

Credit: Marvel

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Sauron [above], a Pterodactyl-influenced character, could be a particularly impressive addition to the MCU onscreen.

As the MCU continues to expand its boundaries, bringing the Savage Land into the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon could be a great move. Not only would it give Disney a viable chance at finally putting out a successful dinosaur-themed movie, but it would give Feige and his team the chance to introduce Marvel fans to even more super heroes from the comic world.

Black Panther - T'Challa & Shuri
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And, clearly, the powers-that-be at Marvel are unafraid of exploring new things. For example, Atlantis and Atlantean characters are reportedly appearing in the upcoming Black Panther 2, titled Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, though this has not been confirmed.

The franchise is moving forward without the late Chadwick Boseman, so adding new lands and universes is one way for filmmakers to advance the story, presumably with Shuri (Leticia Wright) taking up the Black Panther mantle.

Marvel Infinity Saga characters
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Furthermore, with the Infinity Saga over and many fan-favorite Avengers characters dead — RIP Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) — this is the perfect time for Marvel to launch something entirely new.

Remember, however, that Marvel has not confirmed the development of a Savage Land movie at this time.

Would you like to see a Savage Land Jurassic Park-style movie from Marvel Studios? Are you hoping for a dinosaur themed movie within the Marvel universe?


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