Chris Pratt Responds to Adorable ‘Jurassic World’ Fan Asking for His Phone Number

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Now that Universal theme parks across the globe are saturating the theme park market with Jurassic World IP-themed lands and attractions, in combination with the Jurassic World films, the fandom is really beginning to grow!

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Credit: Universal

Jurassic Park (1993) garnered huge success and picked up its own cult following; however, there was a generational gap between those who watched the film when it came out compared to those who were not yet born to see it. Now that the Jurassic World franchise has come to be, a much younger audience has gotten to know the Jurassic franchise.

Credit: Universal

With Chris Pratt helming the Jurassic World films as Owen Grady, he has become iconic within the role, and fans of all ages have reached out to him! Recently, Lisa Hancock (@LisaSHancock) took to Twitter to reach out to Pratt to see a note from young James.

James loves Jurassic World. You are his hero. James asked me to send this to you. “I watch your movies and I watched Jurassic with the velociraptors and you”.

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In the letter, it seems James asked Chris for his phone number, and lucky for this Jurassic fan, Chris responded! Chris (@prattprattpratt) took to Twitter to get back to James, saying:

Thanks James!! I probably shouldn’t put my phone number on here but I did see your smiling pic and I think you’re cool!

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Of course, Chris Pratt did not disclose his personal phone number on Twitter as that would cause a huge invasion of privacy for the actor; however, it was great to see that he still took the time to acknowledge the young fan personally. With Jurassic World: Dominion coming out in 2022, VelociCoaster officially debuting at Universal Orlando Resort on June 10, Jurassic World The Ride taking over Universal Hollywood, and Isla Nublar getting ready to open at Universal Beijing, the franchise is surely going to continue to grow.

What do you think of Chris Pratt’s response to his fan, James? Let us know in the comments below! 

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