Marvel and Pixar Star Chris Pratt Raises Money For Pandemic Victims

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The ongoing pandemic has affected millions. The virus has affected hundreds of thousands of people — including those who have contracted the virus and have lost loved ones. The pandemic has also caused many to lose their jobs, small businesses are suffering, and many families cannot afford to put food on the table. Luckily, we have a real superhero who is ready to do something about it!

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Marvel’s Chris Pratt may be well known for his roles as Star-Lord (AKA Peter Quill) in Guardians of the Galaxy and Barley in Pixar’s Onward, but what we should be discussing is his latest charity endeavor, Feed Thy Neighbor. This year has significantly impacted to many people, with the pandemic causing so much pain, and Pratt wants to do something about it by raising money for those who need help the most.

Pratt discusses Feed Thy Neighbor in a video shared to his Instagram, which you can watch below:

Feed Thy Neighbor is not only a charity that is helping to feed those who need assistance, as well as aid front line workers, but it’s also a competition. For every dollar donated, you have one entry into the contest! On New Year’s Eve, Chris Pratt is hosting a live telethon (and by that, he means Instagram live) during which he will call out five lucky winners who will not only be recognized by the Avenger but will also have $10,000 donated to their local charity — talk about being the neighborhood superhero.

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Plus, he will be going live with the help of some friends — and in case you’re wondering, Pratt has some cool friends. If we are just talking the MCU gang, Star-Lord is buddies with Captain America (Chris Evans), Spider-Man and Onward co-star Tom Holland, and Iron-Man (Robert Downey Jr.). Although the guests of the evening have not yet been announced, Instagram’s capability to join others in a live video from anywhere in the world makes the possibilities endless.

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The goal shot from raising $100,000 (which Pratt is matching) to $250,000 after the overwhelming support the charity has received.

Feed Thy Neighbor is set to combat a few on-going issues caused by the pandemic:

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a dual crisis: there is a meal shortage for food banks serving our most vulnerable; meanwhile, these same frontline groups are experiencing a decline in donations.

As the economic fallout from the pandemic ripples through our country, many people are finding themselves questioning where their next meal will come from for the first time. This is an especially hard realization during the holiday season.

These are our friends. These are our neighbors. They need our help.

Half of all funding received will go to Feeding America® to help address the meal shortage that is hitting our nation’s food banks. The other half will be provided as cash grants to front line hunger relief organizations in areas hardest hit by the economic impacts of COVID-19 to ensure they are able to sustain their operations to help people who need it most.

100% of every donation will go to help. The Hunger Site is covering all credit card processing fees and Greater Good Charities will grant out 100% of the funding received.

If you want to donate, click here.

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