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robin williams

Left Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / Right Image Credit: Disney


  1. sbslaw

    Who cares?

    1. StevenX

      Obviously you, to both read it and comment.

  2. Potiphar

    So he just wanted to hang out instead of work?

    1. Chet

      In love to entertain people. It’s no surprise he returned to do sequels even though he may have had disagreements with the various individuals. If money was really an issue, he could have well made much more on his own.

  3. Jonathan

    When looking at what he was paid for that it’s understandable. $75,000 for an voice actor for a $200 million is chump change. Arnold Schwarzenegger played it smarter when he did twins. He rejected the salary and split the profits in the end. He made our so well he will never get a deal like that.

  4. Wander Mcmooch

    Genie’s character design ripped off a Queen album.

  5. ChasUGC

    “Money changes everything”

  6. Chris

    Interesting as Flubber was also a Disney movie. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t much in the way of merchandise there.

    1. trent

      Dude should have had a written contract stipulating all this. Williams blew it, Mouse wins again!

  7. Ash

    Robin Williams has passed on, he’s dead, he died in 2014…

  8. Dean

    He also returned for Flubber so fences were mended.

  9. Angelo Barrera

    Wow, I just got it.

  10. Abel

    Ok so let’s act like Flubber isn’t a Disney property that didn’t star Robin Williams and absolutely did not came out in 1997 (after Aladdin)

    1. Dev

      It was after they made amends, it was after he did the 3rd Aladdin, which is stated on the article

  11. kent

    Aladdin was great, but I still find William’s portrayal of Popeye to be his finest work.

  12. ScottishDisneyfan

    Um, the article states he went on to record the voice in the third film so obviously DID work for Disney again then. Then there’s Flubber (as others have mentioned). Another Disney movie that came out after Aladdin.

    Might want to retitle article…

  13. Bob

    He did get a Picasso from Disney so obviously they knew either A they were wrong or B they needed him for future projects and tried to calm him by throwing him a not so cheap bone.

    1. Kathy3882

      Disney knew they screwed him over, too!!! I’m glad that he held out and made them admit defeat!!!


    Robin Williams was a genius! My favorite movie with him starring is Mrs. Doubtfire. It really accentuates his multitalented character. It’s a shame that he felt that he had to take his own life.

    1. Kathy3882

      Agreed!!! Mrs Doubtfire was the best!!!

  15. David J Lewis

    He also voiced the Genie in those geeat minds think for themselves animated segments during Disney’s One Saturday Mornings…

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