Robin Williams Fans Beg to See the R-Rated Cut of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

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Credit: 20th Century Studios

When The Walt Disney Company completed its acquisition of 20th Century Fox — now 20th Century Studios — on March 20, 2019, a number of popular movie titles were suddenly part of the Disney catalog.

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Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Among these was the iconic 1993 Robin Williams comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire. Those who grew up in the 1990s will almost certainly recall the film, which featured Williams as Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire.

Hillard disguised himself as a female nanny named Euphegenia Doubtfire in order to see his children, Natalie (Mara Wilson), Chris (Matthew Lawrence), and Lydia (Lisa Jakub), amid a bitter divorce with their mother, Miranda Hillard (Sally Field).

Now, the film’s director Chris Columbus has confirmed the existence of the long-rumored R-rated cut of Mrs. Doubtfire.  Entertainment Weekly spoke with Columbus and reported:

…there are three different versions of it, including an R-rated cut. “The reality is that there was a deal between Robin and myself, which was, he’ll do one or two, three scripted takes. And then he would say, ‘Then let me play.’ And we would basically go on anywhere between 15 to 22 takes, I think 22 being the most I remember,” the helmer recalls.

As a result, he says, Williams came up with new versions and new lines in every take. “He would sometimes go into territory that wouldn’t be appropriate for a PG-13 movie, but certainly appropriate and hilariously funny for an R-rated film. I only [previously] used the phrase NC-17 as a joke. There could be no NC-17 version of the movie.”

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Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Now, Robin Williams fans are begging to see the R-rated version of the classic 1990s family comedy.

Entertainment source, Vulture, confirmed that Columbus would be open to releasing at least some of the R-rated Mrs. Doubtfire scenes:

But director Chris Columbus says, ‘I would be open to maybe doing a documentary about the making of the film, and enabling people to see certain scenes re-edited in an R-rated version’

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In which Twitter user, Victor Cowo, responded:

I have a reason to keep on living… “R rated Mrs. Doubtfire”

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Another Twitter user, who goes by Atticus Binch, posted:

I absolutely cannot rest until I see the R rated Mrs Doubtfire

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And Jake Marek quipped:

Right? Forget about the Snyder cut [the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League]. I want to see the R rated Scorsese cut of Mrs. Doubtfire!
To be clear, there is no “Scorsese cut,” but it’s a fun idea.

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Not all fans, however, are excited about the prospect of a raunchy, dark humor-based Mrs. Doubtfire. Victoria Tweeted:

Wait an r rated Mrs doubtfire Please dont ruin my childhood

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And lastly, Twitter user, Phoebe, expressed concerns about what would be included in a more mature version of Mrs. Doubtfire:

Well as much as I love Robin William’s work, I dread to think What an R rated or NC-17 version of this film would be like, I mean in the UK an 18 certificate for Mrs Doubtfire, like how bad must the transphobia and other stuff in those cuts have been.

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Which side are you on? Do you want to see the R-rated Mrs. Doubtfire or not? Tell us in the comments!

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