What Would Be the Worst Disney Attraction Overlay?

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tower of terror

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Disney is constantly evolving, whether that be in new land additions and expansions as we have seen with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland or more recently, the proposed DisneylandForward expansion at Disneyland Resort.

However, sometimes the evolution comes in the form of a new overlay.

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At the moment, some highly discussed attraction overlays are Splash Mountain, which will undergo a The Princess and the Frog retheme, as well as the Jungle Cruise attraction which is going to see a shift in storyline to help bring more diversity to the ride. Even iconic attractions such as Disney California Adventure’s Tower of Terror has been rethemed to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, and is now one of the most popular rides at the park. 

With that in mind, it seems that Disney fan and themed entertainment designer Rob Yeo (@robjyeo) wanted to see how fun DisTwitter could get when he said:

Pitch me your worst IP overlay for a ride

It seems that Disney fans are having a riot with this fun question as over 100 responses have trickled in. After spending my Starbucks-filled morning chuckling at some of these responses, and at times, thinking that some were not actually a terrible idea, we have picked out some of our favorite answers to share with all of you, aside fro the popular pick Stitch’s Great Escape!

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Henry T. (@TGrahamMemories) pitched Living with the Landry’s, and I almost spit out my morning coffee laughing.

Living with the Landry’s. Garden Grill becomes a Bubba Gump and the greenhouses become a Rainforest Cafe.

Imagine popping into The Land pavilion at EPCOT to ride Living with the Land, and all of the sudden you are being taken through Rainforest Cafe, or the kitchen of Bubba Gump. That would have to be a pretty hefty sponsorship from Landry’s to make that happen.

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And speaking of Living With the Land, Walt’s Frozen Head (@WaltsFrzenHead) had a few pretty interesting ideas that many Guests would likely enjoy, writing:

Living with the Land becomes a tour of Arendelle’s greenhouses.

Best IP overlay: Living with the Land becomes a tour of the robot and human crew from Wall-E rebuilding the future of farming together.

James B. pitches a few options, but my favorite is Robocop 2: Midway Mania.

Zack Synder presents Spaceship Earth
Carousel of ‘Happiness’
Living off the Land with Bear Grills
Robocop 2: Midway Mania

As a play on Toy Story: Midway Mania, Robocop as a theme would be hilarious to see. Considering the film is owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer the only way for this to happen would be for Disney to license the IP, however, it is still a funny thought to think about in terms of overlays.

Eric C. proposed an idea that many fans of Mr. Toads Wild Ride would find pretty awesome — Great Moments with King Candy.

I immediately thought of this thing I made a while back (making fun of IP rumors)…but now I’m not sure if it would be total sacrilege or if it would, in fact, absolutely rule.

Although I would highly doubt Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln would leave anytime soon, how funny would it be to see Abraham Lincoln replaced with King Candy.

Jack W. (@JackWelliot) used an IP Disney already owns, but placed it within its classic ride.

The haunted mansion themed to the movie. Eddie Murphy jumps out at random points to say some really awful jokes. Lepta is Jennifer Tilly (no offense to her as an actress. Just a weird casting) and at the end they sell the mansion.

Although I have nothing against The Haunted Mansion film, I think having Eddie Murphy pop out of the attraction would be the strangest sight any Guests could see on that ride, don’t you agree?

Will H. (@thewillhen) said:

Soarin’ but with a Planes overlay.

Hilariously, someone responded noting that this almost happened in DCA, take a look at this old pre-show footage below from YouTuber Disneygeekcom:

And this suggestion had me really laughing! LeetoGotsAmiibos (@despalighto) said:

The Tipton Hotel Tower of Terror (aka: the suite ride of zack and Cody)

Could you imagine? Zack and Cody set up the whole elevator scheme, London Tipton falls for it, Mr. Mosby tries to save her, hilarity ensues. 

The list of funny IP overlay ideas continues, but those were definitely some of my personal favorites. Of course, all of these ideas were fun thoughts, but none of them are announced projects. Surprisingly, no one mentioned Superstar Limo!

What would be your worst IP overlay if you had to pick?

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