Main Street Station May Be Getting a 50th Anniversary Makeover

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With Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary quickly approaching, it seems that we are constantly learning about new things that will feature during the 18-month celebration commencing October 1, 2021.

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Most recently, we discovered that not only will we see Cinderella Castle decked out in the 50th anniversary color scheme, which Disney is calling EARidescent, but Main Street U.S.A. and Fantasyland will also get a few accents to tie in the theme. It seems that these enhancements will be added to Magic Kingdom in the upcoming months, but the amount of information as to what exactly will be changing was quite vague — But it is exciting because Disney fans can still look forward to what’s to come!

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We noticed a Tweet from Disney fan Drew (@DrewDisneyDude) which reads:

Anyone else think the Main Street train station refurbishment is for the 50th anniversary and it just hasn’t been announced yet? Seems like this is a pretty extensive refurbishment at a perfect time for the 50th.

Although the Walt Disney World Railroad has been under refurbishment for quite some time now (specifically since 2018 so that Disney World could begin construction and make way for the upcoming TRON attraction) the front of the train station, which greets Guests as they enter the Magic Kingdom, has only been covered in a scrim for a few months.

It does seem interesting that the facade of the train station has yet to be revealed, unless, perhaps the facade will feature a reveal that Guests were not necessarily expecting!

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It would make sense for Disney to add in the 50th theming to the train station since it is the first thing Guests see when they enter the park. Plus, considering Disney has already begun decorating the castle months before the big day, it would be fun to possibly see a surprise reveal on October 1 at the train station.

However, even if the re-theme does happen, likely, the railroad will still not be operational until refurbishments are fully complete.

All of this being said, this is all just purely speculation at this point and Inside the Magic will update you if we get any more information regarding the train station at Disney World.

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For now, all we know is that Magic Kingdom will have Cinderella Castle, Main Street U.S.A., and Fantasyland decked out, EPCOT will transform Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios is shimmering up Tower of Terror and the Chinese Theater has a new Hollywood-esque lighting package. Even Disney’s Animal Kingdom will have a colorful makeover on the Tree of Life!

Do you think the Walt Disney World Railroad will be themed to the 50th anniversary?

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