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Disney recently announced a slew of new details that Guests can expect at Walt Disney World Resort for the 50th anniversary celebration (AKA “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”). Aside from the fact that the party will last for a whopping 18 months, one of the coolest discoveries was that Spaceship Earth was not only getting a new glittering lighting package, but that it would be permanent. 

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The iconic structures at the heart of each Disney World theme park will be decked out for the 50th anniversary. Magic Kingdom will have Cinderella Castle swirled in gold, the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom will come to life, and Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios seemingly won’t look as terrifying. All three of those makeovers, however, will be gone after the 50th celebration ends in 2023. EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth, however, will keep its new lighting package past the end of the celebration, which means that Guests will always have the chance to see what looks to be the new shimmering ball whenever they visit Disney World.

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Now, Imagineer Zach Riddley has taken to Instagram to dive a little deeper into what Guests can expect once EPCOT’s new nighttime light show spectacle is ready:

Yesterday we announced changes coming to the nighttime experience of Spaceship Earth as part of “The World’s Most Magical Celebration.” The dazzling, permanent new programmable lighting system will debut as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th Celebration and will continue to live on as a defining feature of EPCOT.

EPCOT is a park about the best of us – what is possible when we embrace the power of imagination and humanity’s ability to make impossible things reality when we work together. We are all connected. That is the theme and the expression at the heart of our work across EPCOT and at the heart of this stellar new visual experience coming soon to Spaceship Earth. 

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Spaceship Earth is a unique structure recognized around the world. To honor this idea, our Imagineers have created custom lighting features that literally emerge from her unique architecture. These features will shine across Spaceship Earth’s silver panels and “connect” with one another, resembling shimmering stars in a nighttime sky. 

Spaceship Earth has maintained her classic multi-color lighting design for nearly 40 years – a legacy the team working on this project are keen to preserve. Her classic look will be maintained and accentuated through new colors and intensity in programmed expressions that extend into the new main entrance fountain and the entire World Celebration area that continues to take shape before our eyes. 

We can’t wait to reveal more of the technical innovation and artistry going into this new experience and the team behind the scenes turning imagination into reality. Continue to follow along with me here for more details.


Personally, I think the language Riddley uses to describe the new lighting package is what is most exciting. Aside from the fact that this new lighting is perfectly designed for Spaceship Earth, the lighting package will seemingly be both dazzling and an “experience”. There is nothing better than ending your day at EPCOT and walking past Spaceship Earth lit up with purple tones, so now that that moment in a Disney park day is about to be enhanced even more, it surely will be a draw for Guests to want to return.

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Plus, EPCOT is meant to also debut HarmonioUS in 2021, which means that not only will Guests get a spectacle as they enter and exit the park, but the World Showcase will soon house what Disney is deeming to be the biggest nighttime show they have ever created.

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Add Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, alongside Future World’s giant renovation — EPCOT just may be the park to beat over the next couple of years!

What do you think of the new lighting design? Are you excited, or is it not a big deal to you?

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