Early Stages Underway for Spaceship Earth’s NEW Lighting Show!

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Back in November, Zach Riddley, Imagineering Portfolio Executive for Walt Disney World Resort, and Melissa Valiquette, Vice President of EPCOT shared some fun things Guests can expect to come with the overhaul of EPCOT.

During the D23 Fantastic Worlds Celebration event titled “EPCOT – The Magic of Possibility”, the two were talking about what’s to come at the soon-to-be World Celebration section, including a brand new, enhanced lighting package for Spaceship Earth!

Credit: Disney

Now, it looks as though Disney has begun the early stages of preparing for the upcoming enhanced lighting show as two permits were recently filed on December 17. One for the location of 2060 Avenue of the Stars, which is the location for Spaceship Earth. This one is for lighting controls, equipment, and low voltage terminations. The second one, filed at the same location, is for the installation of lighting supports.

Both of these permits are more than likely linked to Disney Imagineers preparing to begin work on the lighting package for the EPCOT icon as both have to do with lighting controls, equipment, and supports.

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During the D23 Fantastic Worlds Celebration event, Imagineer Zach Riddley shared some fun details about the new and enhanced lighting package coming to the exterior of Spaceship Earth. “And this fountain will feature a new lighting design that will extenuate the culture elements at night and our team can not wait to reveal this to the world,” he said.

“And speaking of night, to complement the design of world celebration out ream are beginning work on an enhanced lighting package coming to the exterior of Spaceship Earth that will activate this area of the park-like never before,” he explained. This lighting design will allow us to create custom programming that connects this icon of EPCOT to its surroundings and perfectly encapsulates the park’s transformation. Again, taking this symbol of optimism and hope and collaboration across culture and time and really creating a unique evening moment that again will make EPCOT such a defining feature at night.”

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At this time, Disney has not announced when this new enhanced lighting package will debut on Spaceship Earth, but it looks as though Disney is preparing to debut it as soon as possible considering they recently filed both of these permits. Inside the Magic will continue to update you as we get information.

If you want to book a Disney vacation and see EPCOT’s new lighting show when it debuts, be sure to get in touch with your travel agent and start planning today. If you’re not yet working with a travel agent, be sure to reach out to our friends at Academy Travel, who will be with you every step of the way when planning your magical Disney vacation.

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