Relive EPCOT’s Opening With This Image of Spaceship Earth

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Spaceship Earth in 1982

It feels like forever since we’ve been on Spaceship Earth, and with the good news that the attraction is remaining open for a little longer it won’t be long before we can ride it again when EPCOT reopens on July 15th.

While we sit here looking at the clock we discovered this incredible photo that Disney shared from the very first time that the icon of EPCOT lit up the park.

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Check out this stunning photo from 1982 with a beautiful night sky below:

Spaceship Earth at night in 1982
Credit: Disney

We can’t get over how good this photo looks considering it was taken at night in 1982. The photographer behind the photo, David Roark, had this to say on how he managed to get the shot:

“Back then, we didn’t have digital imaging software (or digital cameras, for that matter). If I wanted a multiple exposure, I had to create it in the camera itself on a single frame of film – the definition of “old school.” Working on a tripod, I attached a super-telephoto 400mm lens to the camera to capture the moon. Then, I pressed a button on the camera that would not advance the film when I clicked the shutter. I then switched back to a wide-angle lens to capture Spaceship Earth on that same frame.”

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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 40 years since Spaceship Earth was completed and opened to guests. It’s certainly one of the most unique theme park icons of the world, and like all Disney Park icons, it looks stunning at night.

While it is hard to compete with the way Main Street, U.S.A. looks at night, EPCOT does a great job, especially World Showcase and Spaceship Earth.

Are you excited to return to EPCOT  and see Spaceship Earth light up the park again? Let us know in the comments below!

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