‘The Haunted Mansion’ Little Golden Book Available for Pre-Order Now

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Haunted Mansion Book

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Who doesn’t love a ghost story? Ghost stories are even better when they are both spooky and adorable. Disney’s The Haunted Mansion attraction has inspired countless weddings, recreations, and crafts. Now, there is a Haunted Mansion book for children available for pre-order this summer. Don’t worry, though! This book is not one of the terrifying tales of the spooky ride. This tale looks too sweet to be scary for young readers. Even better, this book is part of the classic Little Golden Books collection. Get the details on this upcoming storybook below.

Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book

Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book
Credit: Amazon

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Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts! Disney has created cover art that is to die for on the front of this storybook. The Little Golden Book features Disneyland’s version of The Haunted Mansion attraction on the cover. With plenty of ghosts and ghouls floating about, it will give you hot and cold running chills. You can act as the Ghost Host when you read this to your family as a bedtime story. The book is available for pre-order now. You can click on the retailer names here to pre-order from Amazon, Target, or Walmart. This children’s book can be purchased for $5.99 plus tax and shipping from all three stores. The book will release on July 13, 2021.

The official description reads:

It’s easy to get into the Haunted Mansion… but can you find your way out? Join the Ghost Host and search your way through all the creep-tastic rooms of Disney Parks’ Haunted Mansion-from the ominous Séance Room, to the ghoulish party in Grand Hall, to the attic that holds many scary secrets.

Perfect for Disney and Little Golden Book fans of all ages, this spooky story is great for Halloween or anytime. The book will be available in time for Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021, allowing you to celebrate no matter where you are!

Disney Books and Beyond for Your Child

A child\'s book

Are you hooked on reading? Me too! All children should read often, so why not let them read from a Disney-inspired library of books? If you want your kid to grow up with magical Disney Classic Golden Books, you can look at this article to jump back in time to your childhood storybooks (and find out where to buy them). Maybe you’re psyched for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration. If so, you can learn how to pre-order a Disney World book celebrating the Disney theme park’s anniversary here. Outside the Disney realm, you might also love the Harry Potter series, like so many of our writers here at Inside the Magic. If you’re a wizard or witch, consider some of these Harry Potter books to expand your Hogwarts knowledge. After all, we can’t all own Hermione’s favorite – Hogwarts: A History.

A World of Words

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Here’s an idea! Why not use some of the books above as a challenge for your child? After they read a certain amount of books that they choose (with your help, of course), reward them with a Disney vacation! You can encourage them to read by using Disney role models to inspire them, such as Rapunzel, Belle, Milo (from Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Jane (from Tarzan) – there are so many Disney characters who read! You could even make a chart to show how close they are to their reading goal! Maybe, you could try this free monthly reading chart from Disney Family. Another idea, if your child’s goal is 30 books (in the case of a young child with short storybooks), you could make paper cutouts of books where 30 of the cutouts will reach a paper Cinderella Castle at the end of the road. You will be encouraging your child to read and learn, then the whole family gets to go on a Disney vacation (that you would have taken anyway, to be honest). It’s a win-win!

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Are you ready to book a Disney vacation to reward a child for their avid reading? Contact our friends over at Academy Travel. They’re as clever as Belle about each Disney Park and Resort.

Will you be pre-ordering the Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book? Let us know in the comments!

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