Tomb Sweet Tomb: 3 Haunted Mansion DIY Home Decorations

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Do you love the Haunted Mansion? Don’t be a “Foolish Mortal.” Welcome ghoulish guests into your home with some amazing Haunted Mansion DIY Decorations. If you can’t make it to a Disney Park right now, you can create a bit of Disney magic for your home.

Even though you may have 999 happy Disney home decor items, there’s always room for one more – or three more in this case. Today, we are sharing three Haunted Mansion DIYs with you.

These projects inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride would make great DIY Halloween decorations, but they work great to decorate your home any time of year if you love this attraction as we do!

Two designs are from Polka Dot Chair by Melissa Mortenson and one is from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff by Cori George. Keep in mind, these projects require a Cricut.

The designs from Polka Dot Chair include free downloadable designs. The sign from Cori George includes a paid design, but the price is great! Now that you know the details, let’s get crafting!

Haunted Mansion Lantern

Haunted Mansion Lantern
Credit: Polka Dot Chair Melissa Mortenson

This DIY decoration idea is from Polka Dot Chair by Melissa. It includes free downloadable designs for your Cricut so you can make this ghostly craft a reality.

Imagine the eerie glow from this spooky lantern, casting shadows of Hitchhiking Ghosts onto your walls. It sounds positively frightful – uh, no – delightful.

If you want to create this masterpiece of a craft to welcome foolish mortals into your home, you can find the instructions and Cricut downloads on Polka Dot Chair by clicking here. Downloading is simple. Just subscribe to the website (there’s no additional charge for a subscription!) and you can access these free designs to create this craft idea and more, all free for your personal use.

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Hitchhiking Ghosts Sign

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts sign
Credit: Polka Dot Chair Melissa Mortenson

Do you love the DIY Haunted Mansion Lantern? Polka Dot Chair has more where that came from!

You can create a large DIY Haunted Mansion “Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts” sign with another project from the crafting website. This DIY project yields a 4-foot sign that is great for hanging over a door as a home accent.

Since this sign is large, you could hang it over a collage of Disney vacation photos on your wall and make a whole Disney Parks-themed photo area! The ghost that followed you home the last time you rode Haunted Mansion will be pleased with your choice of home decor.

If you want to make this statement sign for your haunted house, you can, again, find the instructions and Cricut downloads on Polka Dot Chair by clicking here. The same process — registering for a free subscription in order to download the materials you need — applies to this project, too.

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Welcome Foolish Mortals Sign

Welcome Foolish Mortals sign
Credit: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff Cori George

Even in a chamber that has no windows and no doors, you still need some iconic wall accents. The stretching room portraits prove this need for home accents (yes, a spider web counts).

If you want to welcome foolish mortals into your mansion, make this sign. To create this craft, you need a 3D laser printer, like a Glowforge. However, this Hey, Let’s Make Stuff article also includes a Cricut version of the spooky design so you can put it on t-shirts, stickers, artwork, and more.

The design sells for $2.50, so this is an inexpensive design you can purchase to make an amazing DIY project and support a fellow Disney lover! To learn how to make the sign and more with this design, visit the article on Hey, Let’s Make Stuff by clicking here.

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Will you be making these Haunted Mansion DIY Home Decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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