3 Disney Attraction-Inspired Weddings (And Yes, Haunted Mansion is Featured!)

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Disney wedding feature photo

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings recently opened back up to bring couples weddings that will make their Disney dreams come true. Disney weddings are a Disney fan’s dream, whether it’s a Disney theme at their wedding back home or a theme park blow-out celebration at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

For fans looking for Disney wedding inspiration, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings celebrated their comeback with some flashbacks to some of their favorite Disney Attraction-Inspired weddings.

We’ve gathered these for you here. There are photos from three different weddings, and yes, two of them are Haunted Mansion themed! Get your wedding inspiration right here from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings so you can create a fairytale wedding of your own, inspired by a couple of your favorite Disney attractions!

Cars Land Cuties

Cars Land Wedding
Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Do you get your kicks on Route 66? Maybe you can take some wedding day inspiration from this couple. Their wedding photo at Disney’s California Adventure in Cars Land is seriously adorable. This spooky Cars wedding really makes me say “Ka-chow!” I love the featuring of these Disney park spooky Mickey balloons!

Haunted Mansion Wedding: The Cake

Haunted Mansion wedding cake
Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

I have seen some beautiful Disney Attraction-Inspired weddings, but this one really takes the cake! The frosting is intricate and makes me feel like I’m sneaking through the halls of the Haunted Mansion. It captures the wall-to-wall creeps with hot and cold running chills. Plus, I spy a hint of holiday overlay magic with the sweet snow globe of Jack Skellington and Sally near the wedding cake. This pairing is “simply meant to be.”

Haunted Mansion Wedding: The Centerpiece

Haunted Mansion centerpiece
Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Even without the added Disney magic, these table decorations would be stunning at any wedding reception. But, add the dark flower décor to a charming Haunted Mansion wedding and it’s simply to die for. It looks like there’s room for 999 happy haunts… I mean, guests… at this wedding. But, there’s always room for one more. Any volunteers?

Haunted Mansion Wedding: Hitchhiking Ghosts

Haunted Mansion ghosts
Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts! A ghost may follow you home from this wedding. What a fitting table accent for spooky wedding décor.

Haunted Mansion Wedding: The Dress and Bouquet

Haunted Mansion dress and bouquet
Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

If you are hoping for a more serious affair than your traditional white dress, this bride’s choice of wedding day attire is perfectly grave. I love the elegance of her black wedding dress and bouquet brings about a picture of delightful decay, fresh out of the ballroom in the Haunted Mansion.

Another Haunted Mansion Wedding: A Portrait

Haunted Mansion wedding portrait
Credit: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

These grim grinning ghosts have come out to socialize… with their guests! This dapper couple looks so hauntingly serious. I think Madame Leota will awaken their spirits, wherever they’re at.

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Did a Disney attraction-inspired wedding idea materialize from these Disney Attraction-Inspired weddings? Let us know in the comments!

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