These Marvel inspired wedding cakes are stunningly elegant and heroic

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Marvel-inspired wedding cakes

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A wedding cake is one of the most pivotal parts of any wedding as it really is the centerpiece of your reception. Your wedding cake is meant to not only celebrate a union of two people in love but also to share a couple’s personality and what ultimately makes them happy. And, following in suit, all of these couples made their wedding cakes to show what they really love: Marvel!

1. Nothing says love more than the incredible team of Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and Captain America! And when united on this cake, they all come together quite nicely to sanctify this union.

2. One side of this cake says classy, reserved and elegant. The other side says heroic, incredible, and patriotic!

3. Who better to carry the weight of a wedding than two of Marvel’s toughest Avengers? Also, let’s be real, the exceptional bromance between Iron Man and Captain America really is a goal for some couples!

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4. This cake doesn’t only capture the beauty and tradition of a wedding cake, but it also captures the essence of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Also, what could be more fitting than a zipper to reveal this cake’s superhero insides?

5. When most people think of the Avengers, they think of tough crime fighters who defend the universe. However, all of these superheroes’ have a delicate side, which can be adorned with sunflowers and a ruffled material border.

6.  This next cake wanted a more refined appearance as it features a lovely collection of white roses to top it off and a white fondant base. Although, it also reveals its Marvel side as it features some of our favorite superheroes’ logos and Iron Man’s arc reactor, which features real lights!

7. This dual-sided cake offers guests a white and black color scheme with stunning florals. But on the back, it features the faces of two of the universe’s mightiest heroes!

8. Jewels sparkled embellishments and dazzling florals really bring this cake to another level of sophistication. But, this cake still rings true to the Marvel fan inside on its opposite side.

Which of these epic Marvel-inspired wedding cakes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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