These Disney-inspired wedding ideas will make your best day ever a real-life fairy tale

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Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, so why not make it the most magical? If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for simple Disney touches to add to your everyday life. From DisneyBounding to magical home décor, we love spicing up our lives with a bit of pixie dust. And if you’re the ultimate Disney fan, you probably can’t wait to use Disney inspiration in your wedding. You can dress up inspired by your favorite princess, Imagineer, your Disney-themed wedding décor, or even get married in your favorite Disney park or resort. There are unlimited ways to turn your best day ever into the fairy tale of your dreams, as long as you get creative. Here are some of our favorite Disney-inspired touches to recreate on your wedding day.

Wear a princess-inspired wedding gown

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If you want to feel like a Disney princess on your wedding day, then wearing a wedding dress inspired by your favorite character may be your best option. This bride looks almost identical to Belle in her dress inspired by the “Beauty and the Beast” ballroom scene. We love ombre yellow color of her gown, and the folds all around the dress mimic Belle’s. The red roses in her bouquet are a nod to the fairy tale, as well. We just hope their dessert menu included the gray stuff; we hear it’s delicious!

Eat desserts inspired by your favorite Disney movie

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We love Disney’s classic animated film “Alice in Wonderland” for the whimsical storyline and silly characters…but mostly for the epic tea party scene! This dessert table is inspired by the cakes and teas at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and we absolutely love it. You can recreate this yourself with a DIY “Eat me” sign, vintage mismatched tea sets, and the desserts of your choosing. The over-the-top cake even has touches of the White Rabbit with the pocket watch on display. You won’t want to be late to this wedding reception!

Create a Magic Kingdom-themed guide map to your special day

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So many of us Disney Parks guests love collecting guide maps, and this personalized edition is extra special. This couple created a Disney Parks-inspired guide map for their wedding day. Their entire reception was themed after Disney attractions, so this was an amazing touch. Even if you won’t have a Disney theme to your whole wedding, these guide maps are a great way to add a bit of pixie dust.

Take inspiration from your favorite Disney couple

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In the movie “Up,” it’s clear that Carl and Ellie share a love like no other. This mailbox inspired by Carl and Ellie’s is a great way to add a hint of Disney to your wedding day. We love the DIY-style of the mailbox, which serves to hold cards gifted to the bride and groom at the reception. Plus, you can use the mailbox as home décor after your wedding is over!

Add some hidden Mickeys that hardly anyone will know about

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We love hunting for hidden Mickeys throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts, and this DIY Disney touch is an amazing way to share your love for Mickey Mouse in an incredibly subtle fashion. It’s the perfect hidden Mickey to add to the bottom of the bride’s or groom’s shoes (or even to your bridal party’s footwear, too!). Disney subtleties like this make for fantastic photos that you’ll cherish forever. You can get some Mickey Mouse decals or stencils to recreate this yourself.

Invite all of the Disney Princesses to be your bridesmaids

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Okay, so the Disney Princesses will probably be preoccupied with ruling their own kingdoms on your wedding day. But you can still have some fun recreating your perfect Disney Princess reunion by creating Disney Princess outfits for each of your bridesmaids! We love how creative this bride got with her Cinderella-inspired gown and princess-inspired bridal party. Plus, what bridesmaid would say no to getting to be a princess on their friend’s wedding day?

Recreate your favorite Disney movie scene

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The “I See the Light” lantern scene from “Tangled” is one of the most magical moments in Walt Disney Animation, and we’d love to recreate this scene in real life. Well on your wedding day, you can! You can turn your wedding reception into the Kingdom of Corona by hanging hundreds of lanterns all around your outdoor reception area and using lanterns as centerpieces. This wedding looks absolutely magical, and while it reminds us of Rapunzel’s dream come true, not everyone will know that it is inspired by a Disney movie.

Make a grand entrance

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You may want your wedding to feel like a complete recreation of your favorite fairy tale, and you’re in luck. If you get married at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, you can make a grand entrance by riding in Cinderella’s carriage. While this will allow you to take some pretty epic and magical photos, you will also feel like a princess when riding in a carriage to your wedding ceremony. The carriage is beautiful, magical, and definitely worth it for any princess-themed wedding.

Immerse yourself in Disney magic

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This wedding reception at Animation Academy in Disney’s California Adventure is immersive and magical. You and your guests will feel like you are in an actual Disney film when you are surrounded by screens projecting your favorite Disney movies. But if getting married at a Disney park isn’t in the cards for you, you can recreate this immersive atmosphere yourself by projecting your favorite films onto several screens at your reception and playing your favorite instrumental Disney music in the background. Imagineer it yourself!

Which of these Disney-inspired wedding details will you be recreating on your special day? Share your Disney-themed wedding with us!

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