Aerial Photos Show How Empty Disney World Really Is

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How crowded is Walt Disney World right now?

Credit: @bioreconstruct

Since the Walt Disney World Resort reopened its gates to Guests in Mid-July, one of the biggest questions on people’s minds involved the crowds. “How crowded is Walt Disney World?”

The short answer: Not very crowded at all!

During the first stages of that official reopening, we at Inside the Magic attempted to give our readers a glimpse into the crowd situation. But now, aerial photographs shared on Twitter by @bioreconstruct give a much better view of how truly empty these parks really are.

Let’s start with the Magic Kingdom.

How Crowded is Magic Kingdom Park Right Now?

Aerial photos show that Magic Kingdom is practically empty. Below we can see pictures from the Central Hub (during one of the cavalcades if you look closely), Fantasyland, and Frontierland. While there is some congregations occurring (mostly for lines by the looks of it), most of the park is extremely empty.

How Crowded is EPCOT Right now?

At EPCOT, Guests will find even fewer people. And since EPCOT is almost twice the size of Magic Kingdom, that smaller number appears a lot less.

While before the pandemic, crowds of people would be more than visible–especially for EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival–the only real sign of people we can get is this picture of the parking lot.

Areas such as Future World and even the Italy Pavilion appear to be almost completely empty.

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How Crowded is Disney’s Hollywood Studios Right Now?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the only park that appears to be anywhere close to what we are used to seeing before the pandemic. While Sunset Boulevard seems sparsely populated, we see the line built up for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway outside the Chinese Theater, as well as for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The only area with significant crowding appears to the Toy Story Land. However, this could be in part to the area’s overall compact nature.

How Crowded is Disney Springs Right Now?

We have shared news about Disney Springs before, and we discussed the crowd situation Disney has there. But it appears that the situation might only apply to evenings, and one could experience a far less crowded Disney Springs experience if they swap dinner for lunch.

@bioreconstruct shared no pictures of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park over the past few days.

For those concerned about crowds, we hope that these pictures put you at ease and allow you to come back and experience the magic at a Disney park once again.

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