Comments for Aerial Photos Show How Empty Disney World Really Is

How crowded is Walt Disney World right now?

Credit: @bioreconstruct



    These photos would be a lot more interesting if the time stamp were correct.

  2. Kay

    I love Splash Mountain. Hoping we get a vaccine so we can travel again before it changes. Want to hear the music one more time while seeing all the critters. My favorite spot is the view overlooking magic kingdom.

  3. Let the Annual Passholders in more and see if Disney sees more crowds


    Waiting for the mask restrictions to be rescinded before we return.

  5. Barker Bill

    Spent three hours with the kids at a seaside park with the masks. No way in the world I’d spend all day at a park like that. That restriction will have to lift before we think about spending the kind of money Disney wants on an amusement park.

  6. Evan

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Parks last week. Short walk to the main gates from the parking lot, security was a non-event, wore a mask, as did everyone else, no lines, practiced social distancing, walked on every ride except Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Slinky Dog Coaster. No crowds, hardly any scooters, plenty of hand sanitizers and wash stations, CM’s wiping down rides and touch points. Some food venues and stores closed, still plenty of alternatives (including rides) with AC to cool off. You can take your time, see and hear things you’ve never noticed during “normal times”, eat your Dole Whip while standing to the side in the shade. If wearing a mask, not seeing fireworks or not being able to hug a Character is a showstopper, wait until the virus is under control (could be a while). In the meantime if you’re healthy, practice common sense and utilize the sanitizers, and want to experience the Parks like few have before, make the trip. (Disclaimer – not a Disney employee, shareholder, blogger, website owner, Florida Tourism employee, travel agent, political party advocate or Disney apologist. Just saying how it actually was, no speculating without being there, no attitude, non-judgmental)

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