UPDATE: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Reopens Popular Attraction On Select Dates

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Primeval Whirl ride entrance

Credit: Disney

Updated March 6, 2020 

According to the official Walt Disney World website, the Animal Kingdom attraction, Primeval Whirl, will open to Disney Guests on select dates in March.

The attraction will open to Guests on March 21, 22, 23, 28 & 29 from 9 am-9 pm. Currently, it looks as though those are the only dates Disney will reopen Primeval Whirl; as for April, there are now no operating hours.

Keep your eyes on the official Walt Disney World website, though. Disney may decide to operate this attraction on select dates in April to reduce wait times for other attractions during the busy season.

Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom
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Original Article (September 2019):

An attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been shut down for months. Here’s everything we know.

Since Pandora’s opening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the demand has been through the roof. Even after the highly anticipated Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened up at Hollywood Studios and Pandora was open for over two years, the wait times for Pandora’s Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey have been insane. Offsite Guests who have to wait until 30 days before their trip are still having trouble booking FastPasses, often finding no available times.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom also debuted a new nighttime show in 2017, designed to draw people to the opposite end of the Park and away from Pandora. However, unfortunately, the show isn’t as highly anticipated as Disney had hoped, and Pandora is still drawing the most attention.

Rivers of Light
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Disney is still trying to find ways to address this crowd flow issue that Animal Kingdom has been experiencing, and it’s now looking like the only option left is to build new attractions. It may come as a shock, but currently, Animal Kingdom is only home to nine rides.

It has been rumored that Disney may be plotting a third attraction within Pandora, but this will likely wait until after the release of “Avatar 2,” set to hit theaters in 2021, or “Avatar 3,” which comes out in 2023. But adding a new ride to the already overpacked land may not be the best idea to control the crowd flow.

There have also been rumors that Disney plans to reimagine the Dino-Rama section of DinoLand USA. These rumors are starting to look more and more possible as one of the most popular rides in DinoLand USA has been shut down since June 17.

Primeval Whirl ride entrance
Credit: Disney

Primeval Whirl, the popular spinning dinosaur-themed coaster ride, has remained closed throughout the summer, and it is unclear why. It is also unclear when (or if) it will reopen. But with Primeval Whirl being closed for months, Animal Kingdom is now home to only eight attractions.

DinoLand USA is also home to the only area within the theme Park aimed directly at young kids. Children can play on a multi-level playground or hit the fair with multiple carnival games.

There have been rumors that a “Zootopia” themed attraction would be coming to Animal Kingdom. There is currently a Zootopia-themed land under construction at Shanghai Disneyland, so it wouldn’t be too far off for the Disney Parks in Florida to make this possible.

We’re not sure Primeval Whirl will reopen, and Disney Parks officials have yet to make a statement regarding the future of this attraction or DinoLand USA as a whole. Still, we’ll keep you posted when we learn more information.

Are you upset to see Primeval Whirl remain closed for months?

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