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Primeval Whirl

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Whirl doesn’t bother me bc its a really freaky ride and it can be found at any amusement park called crazy mouse or at bgt sand serpent… if it was true major attraction like a pandora or even dino itself i think there would have been complaints.
    I love to see pandora expand but it is at the entrance way and if you go look on your way in via bus you will see how much pandora comes over.
    Just like dino does on the otherside they did right w dak to use all the space well wo you noticing.
    Its pretty cool design really!
    The downside to pandora is the movies should open first before we have another batuu!
    Would love to see zootopia bc i saw that movie and it screams dak before dino expands!
    My thoughts-

  2. JokerJack

    Mark my words, it will not be a Zootopia area. The area is due to be re-imagined as an Indiana Jones’esque area. The dinosaur ride shares the identical track layout as the Indian Jones ride in Disneyland and utilizes the same ride vehicles. If we have learned one thing from Disney over the years, they like to reuse and re-imagine as opposed to recreating. (Hence all the live remakes of cartoons).

    Because of it’s location in the park, the imagineer’s will be able to either tie it in to the current Everest themed area directly across the bridge or to create a new themed area that would allow for the addition of animal species/regions not already represented (i.e. South America, Australia, south western North America)

  3. Betty

    This is the exact same ridiculous rumor article that was posted on the Orlando Weekly site. The amount of inaccuracies and lack of focus in this article makes it so that there is no actual information shared here.

  4. Kathleen Barr

    We were just down there a week ago. Primevil whirl was still down. Very annoying cause we love that attraction. Usually disney tells you either its definitely closing or a refurb. but they didn’t give any reason why.

  5. No no no no no no no

  6. Griffin

    It’s so Annoying to see Zootopia absent after it succeeded at the box office and awards of 2016. Would love to see it come to DAK

  7. Melanie Durham

    I would love to see Zootopia come here to WDW! We already have Indiana Jones! We don’t need another one

    1. Harley

      I agree melanie about zootopia! On top of that indy doesnt fit the nature park if they want an indy ride replace the stunt show at dhs. Do not take dino away.

  8. Kevin

    My burning question is…since when has Primeval Whirl been popular?

  9. Mickey

    I’m glad Whirl is closed. That ride is worse than Dinosaur is. Meaning that Whirl was way rougher and more motion sickness induced. I hope that Zootopia doesn’t become a land. That was one of the most boring movies that I have ever seen. it won’t be Indiana Jones because that’s been rumored to be heading to Hollywood Studios which would make more sense there. I say, leave Dinoland alone. It’s for the kids. What do they have left them for them? there should be a nonscary not dark ride for preschoolers however for Dinoland. They could have a ride that incorporates Mickey and gang with Dinosaurs. There is only the Dumbo-like dinosaur ride and then you shoot up to Dinosaur if they are older and meet the height requirements for it. Why not create an in-between ride for those that are she’s 4-7 approx and are not tall enough to ride Dinosaur (and those of us who don’t like thrill rides). I do love Dinosaur however. Other than Dinoland and the shows, AK doesn’t have much for the younger children to do. Pandora wasn’t built for them (in my opinion, just the slow moving boat ride that was an afterthought). It seemed that they decided at the last minute to make a slow-moving boat ride that is a snoozer. I mean, come on, Avatar (the movie) isn’t and shouldn’t be viewed by the very young. Most of the new rides and lands being built have either nothing (or very little) for the younger children and nothing to do for non thrill-seekers. Take Toy Story Land, for instance, you only have Midway Mania to ride and character interaction. The other two rides have height requirements so they aren’t really family-friendly rides. If you aren’t into spinning or thrills, then you’re out in that land. Again nothing for young children or non thrill-seekers at SWGE. If Epcot changes anymore, there won’t be family-friendly lands (Imagination, Land & Seas Pavilions) there either. People want a Moana meet and greet not a walkthrough attraction.

  10. Craig Rogers

    I’m sure I heard that Disney are having trouble fixing Primevil Whirl as it it was an “off the shelf” attraction purchased from Reverchon Industries who went bankrupt in 2008. The parts they need to fix the ride are therefore impossible to source and they’re having to get them manufactured.

  11. Mickey

    I am all for change as long as it’s family-friendly changes to the parks. Star Wars Land isn’t family-friendly. It has nothing for children to do or for people who aren’t thrill-seekers. I love the Star Wars movies especially the original trilogy and the later ones. I liked the edited version of Avatar as well. I love Walt Disney World and most things Disney! My favorite quote is “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Along with Dreams do Come True.

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