At Home Imagineering: Haunted Mansion room and to-die-for car

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Black car plotted with the phrase "There´s always room for one more..."

Inside the Magic’s At Home Imagineering series is thrilled to share a pair of passionate paranormal projects based on the Haunted Mansion. Two terrorific treasures, a Haunted Mansion room AND a similarly themed automobile materialize below.

Disney fan Rita De La Torre and her husband took At Home Imagineering to the next level. Not only did they transform a room in their house into a Haunted Mansion bedroom, but their car also carries the same haunting theme with them wherever they drive.

Haunted Mansion Room bed

When they aren’t producing a pair of podcasts, Rita and her husband find themselves immersed in the enchanting escapes of the Walt Disney World Resort (FL). Of course, the Haunted Mansion is her favorite experience. Her At Home Imagineering skills clearly convey a spellbinding attraction.

Haunted Mansion Room for one more . . . themed bedroom

With a balance of hand-crafted creations and official Disney delivered Haunted Mansion collectibles, Rita’s room took on its ghostly form.

Haunted Mansion themed table

Haunted Mansion Room poster

Haunted Mansion Room poster2

Haunted Mansion Room clock

Of the other-worldly wonders, a miniature Haunted Mansion tops her list of favored finds

“I love how detailed the piece is and looking at it every day inspires me.” – Rita De La Torre

Haunted Mansion Room lightbox

“Another of my favorite pieces in the bedroom is the upholstered chair that I made. At one time they were selling Haunted Mansion Chairs at the Disney Co-Op at Disney springs but they were a little bit out of my price range. So, I bought the Haunted Mansion throw blanket and used it to make my own” – Rita De La Torre

Haunted Mansion room chair

To Die for Transportation

Who says you can’t take it with you? Definitely not Rita De La Torre. Under her direction and imaginative involvement, a spirited doom buggy was brought to life. Collaborating with Chilton Signs, a haunting ride materialized.

Haunted Mansion room wrapped car

This black Toyota carries a Haunted Mansion logo on its hood. Disembodied eyes curve around the front quarter panels. These morph into the attraction’s infamous wallpaper.

Haunted Mansion Room car front

For those keeping score, other attraction applications include:

  • 13-hour Grandfather clock
  • Graveyard Caretaker
  • Hatbox Ghost
  • Madame Leota’s Tombstone face
  • Master Gracey’ Tombstone
  • Stretch Room Portraits AND wallpaper

Haunted Mansion Room car top

Haunted Mansion Room car top2

Certainly, fans of the Haunted Mansion will recognize several familiar phrases found around the automobile. On the front windshield, “Welcome Foolish Mortals” greets the living. “There’s Always Room for One More” marches across the side doors. Finally, the warning, “Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts” joins “Hurry Back . . . Hurry Back” on the rear bumper and hatch.

Haunted Mansion Room car side view

Haunted Mansion Room car rear

Beyond the Haunted Mansion Room: Final Arrangements

In addition to their Haunted Mansion room and delightful doombuggy, their home hosts an Adventurers Club library (KUNGALOOSH!).  Soon Mr. Delatorre’s Highlander will sail the Florida highways with a new Pirates of the Caribbean covering.

Finally, fans can follow the De La Torre’s adventures, along with their forthcoming animated series (based on Mr. De La Torre’s “Star Mage” comic) by surfing to their website. Additional images and creativity can be found on Rita’s Instagram page.

Haunted Mansion room Delatorre family

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Source and images: Rita De La Torre

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