Walt Disney Would Be Embarrassed, “Disney Adults” Feature Polarizing Dispute

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Two Guests checking Disneyland App in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Disney adults are in the eye of the storm again after a heated argument sparked on social media, “just sad.”

When dedicating Disneyland Park in 1955, Walt Disney said, “To all who come to this happy place, welcome.”

While the Southern California Disney Resort has remained a family-friendly environment for nearly 70 years — except for some isolated incidentschildless adults visiting the parks are constantly criticized online, with netizens loathing “Disney adults.”

Pixar Pal-A-Round, Incredicoaster, and Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure, taken from Paradise Gardens Park
Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

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A video on Instagram by user @magicalwanderlusttraveler inadvertently triggered a heated argument surrounding this polarizing group.

In it, multiple adult guests can be seen walking behind a cart in Disney California Adventure, surely wanting to buy the limited-edition popcorn buckets the cart had on display.

Many viewers shared the guests’ excitement before getting the highly-demanded collectibles. However, one user commented that the scene was “just sad,” with apparently no children in sight. The impertinent comment quickly racked up dozens of replies, sparking a heated argument.

Guests with MagicBands in front of "it's a small world" while on their Disney World vacation
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One user mentioned, “Because Disney is an adult theme park.” Another added, “You’re not there, so you’ll be alright.”

Many commented that young children could not visit Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure by themselves, adding that the parks are not daycares.

Several users lashed out at the comment, saying, “They seem to be happy… Are you happy???” Another netizen commented, “Why not just let people enjoy the things they want? You’re a clown for trying to make fun of people.”

Guests gather round phone to use My Disney Experience in front of Cinderella Castle
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One user commented, “That’s how it’s like at sports games too. whole bunch of adult men with face paint, drunk and screaming over games you play as a kid.”

Other viewers criticized the scene, commenting, “They all have tiny bags. How childish,” “This is why I don’t call myself a Disney adult. I’m not ‘stalk the popcorn bucket’ crazy”, and “Kinda weird, not gonna lie …”

Regardless, many commented that Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland Resort as a place for guests of all ages to enjoy.

A picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse's Partners statue in the foreground at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort
Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

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One Instagram user commented, “Do people really not realize Walt himself said he wanted the parks and Disney to be enjoyed by people of all ages? Like when did we decide you have to stop enjoying something just because you’re a certain age? Why is that opinion the word of final truth we all have to abide by?”

Despite the debate, a viewer pointed out that there was a young guest at the beginning of the video. The original poster commented that it was her nephew, who came up with the idea of following the cart because he wanted a popcorn bucket. “Thank you for noticing my little guy,” she added.

You can click here to see @magicalwanderlusttraveler’s video.

Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse
Credit: Disney

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time Disney adults have stirred drama at Disney World and outside the parks. Inside the Magic recently reported on an international guest causing a lengthy altercation involving multiple managers at one of the Disney Resort Hotels in Orlando.

Similarly, some have accused Disney adults of spreading rude behavior nationwide, with guests exhibiting unacceptable behavior and even assaulting others after their vacations at Walt Disney World Resort.

Additionally, we have seen guests smuggling weapons into the parks and carving vulgar messages throughout multiple lines, not to mention those exhibiting sexually inappropriate behaviorsmuggling restricted items into the parks, and starting violent brawls.

Male and female Guests look at phone in front of Thunder Mountain. They're using the My Disney Experience app.
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Netizens are not shy about expressing their perceptions of Disney adults. User @AaronMMarsh recently shared a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), commenting that Disney adults should go to therapy instead of Disneyland or, in this case, Disney World.

Imagine if Disney adults went to therapy instead of Disneyland

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User @renegadeapostle posted about how Americans’ “sincerity and lack of shame,” hinting at Disney adults specifically, was unfathomable to them, mentioning interactions with Disney characters at the parks.

the thing about americans is that their sincerity and lack of shame is unfathomable to me. what do you mean you’re going to talk to an actor in a theme park like they really are that character…..

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What do you think about this incident? What is your stance on Disney adults? Share your opinion with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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