Universal Studios Introduces New Park Ban Effective Immediately, Outlaws Guest Activity Entirely

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The globe at the Universal Studios Japan entrance

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Universal Studios has rolled out a new theme park ban for all guests.

Multicolored light beams illuminate Hogwarts Castle at night under a starry sky, creating a magical and mystical ambiance.
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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Guests must follow many important rules while visiting places like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, with the safety of guests and employees being a top concern. From the outfits guests can wear to the items they are allowed to bring in, these theme park resorts ensure guests know what to expect and what to do while inside.

While filming while on rides and attractions is not a big deal for the Disney theme parks, Universal Studios is a different story, with the theme park company recently enacting a new ban on filming for a specific ride.

As of June 5, 2024, filming is now banned on JAWS, one of Universal Studios Japan’s most popular rides.

This new ban was recently confirmed by popular Universal Informational account @LCASTUDIOS_USJ.

Jaws banned from filming again As of today, June 5th, filming of Jaws has been banned again.

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“A charming and peaceful boat tour takes a turn for the terrifying when a gigantic man-eating shark appears,” is how the resort describes the ride, with JAWS becoming one of the most iconic theme park attractions in the world.

Japan features the second version of this attraction, with the original Orlando version opening in 1990 and closing in 2012. As a result, Japan’s JAWS ride continues to be one of the most beloved and crowded adventures that guests can find at the resort.

Universal Studios Japan offers many rides and attractions, with the resort’s most notable new addition being SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. This large-scale Nintendo-themed expansion opened in 2021 and forever changed the way guests have fun at the Universal Studios theme parks.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD is a dream come true for fans of Super Mario, allowing guests to step into a life-sized Mushroom Kingdom. Several rides and attractions are featured here, like Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, which combines dark ride technology with virtual reality.

A second version of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD was eventually built at Universal Studios Hollywood, with the West Coast version of the land officially opening in early 2023. A third version is being built for the Universal Orlando Resort and will open alongside Epic Universe.

An artists rendition of Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort, opening summer of 2025.
Credit: Universal

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For those who may not be in the know, Epic Universe is Universal’s largest and most exciting theme park expansion project to date. It will join Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure as Orlando’s third Universal theme park.

This massive new theme park will feature dozens of new rides, attractions, and areas to explore, all of which will be based on some of the world’s most popular and beloved brands and franchises, like Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon. 

Epic Universe was officially announced in 2019, and fans have been able to watch the theme park slowly come together over the last few years, with construction now entering the final stages. An official opening date has yet to be announced, but Universal states Epic Universe will open in the summer of 2025.

Will you be visiting Epic Universe?

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