Disney Park Guests Trapped, Forced To View Sexual Acts

in Disneyland Resort

An aerial shot of the Disneyland Resort.

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Two high school-aged guests were subjected to inappropriate sexual behavior on board a Disneyland Resort attraction last weekend. The teens were attending Grad Night at Disney California Adventure Park when another couple changed the course of their evening.

Grad Nights take over Disney California Adventure Park on select nights in May and June annually. Southern California high school graduates are given exclusive access to the Disney park late into the evening, long after it closes to daytime guests.

Pixar pier dca crowds
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Disney Parks fans often dismiss Grad Night as a haven for mischievous behavior, but it rarely goes beyond typical teenage shenanigans. Guests might hear more vulgar language or deal with frequent line-cutting attempts.

This weekend, though, things turned dark for two Grad Night attendees riding Pixar-Pal-A-Round, the swinging Ferris wheel on Pixar Pier. Isabela (@iamharperfinkle on TikTok) and her friend boarded the gondola with a couple they didn’t know, expecting a typical ride. Unfortunately, the other Disneyland Resort guests had another idea.

Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster on Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure
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In a video that amassed more than three million views, the teenagers jokingly attempted to climb out of the moving Disney Park attraction as their co-riders made out just inches away.

“We’re stuck with this couple making out in the Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel,” Isabela wrote. “Filmed this right in front of them [because] they’re unaware and flirting…I hope they see this so they know how unaware they were.”


filmed this right in front of them bc theyre unaware and flirting #gradnight #disneyland

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The TikTok garnered nearly 900,000 likes and thousands of disgusted comments.

“I would turn to them and say. ‘You all sure are making a magical moment here at the world’s most magical place,’” @auravia_cosplay said.

“Oh nah I would push them out,” @moonphos1fan replied.

Three child-like dolls wearing white outfits and white hats are singing and holding songbooks titled "Deck the Halls." One doll sits in a golden wheelchair, capturing the spirit of it's a small world. The background includes festive decorations and other dolls dressed in Christmas attire.
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This is hardly the first incident of inappropriate behavior at Disneyland Resort. Last year, a man stripped naked and swam through the water on “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Park. Months earlier, Inside the Magic reported on parents who stripped their child and allowed her to urinate into the “it’s a small world” attraction’s water, which could have splashed on other guests.

It’s best to report inappropriate behavior to the nearest Disney cast member instead of confronting another guest. Security cast members are trained to de-escalate guest situations quickly and discreetly.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve been subjected to at Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, or Downtown Disney? In the comments, share your experience with Inside the Magic.

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