Apples No Longer Allowed at Disney World, Security Forbids Guest 

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Apples not allowed at Walt Disney World

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What would you do if you were visiting Walt Disney World, and you packed some snacks in your bag, only to be told that you cannot bring in one of your fruits? Well, that is what happened on one of our recent visits, but it was all in the name of protection from the Evil Queen.

Disney's Snow White looking terrified against a background of green eyes
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While some parks do not allow guests to bring their own food in, at Walt Disney World Resort, guests are able to bring in their own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, which could be a real money saver. Considering certain water bottles cost around $5 and a box of popcorn is another $5.50, and that will only get you through one lap of the Magic Kingdom, having your own items on hand will subside your wallet from crying, as well as your hanger.

On a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom, my party and I were going through security when I realized my umbrella was still in my backpack. For those who do not know, an umbrella will set off the security scanners every time, which means you will have to wait in the bag check line for security to do a more thorough scan of your bag. Typically, guests can hold their umbrellas in front of them, as the scanner can detect where the object is, and if it shows as in your hands and not your bag, you will be told to keep walking towards the scannable Mickey Mouse entry point of the park.

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle
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Luckily, there were not a lot of guests in the line to have their bag checked, so it was not a huge inconvenience in terms of losing time in the theme parks that day. Personally, I was wearing an outfit that would slightly resemble Snow White, with a blue top, yellow pants, and a pair of Snow White Minnie ears on my head. My goal with this “Disney bound” (aka an outfit that is inspired by a Disney character) was to go into the parks and take a few photos at some point that day, as I had friends visiting and dressing in other princess-inspired outfits.

To enhance my photo, I decided to bring a prop into the Magic Kingdom: an apple.

The cast member who was searching my bag immediately started playing into the lore of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, asking me where Sleepy was that day, and telling me I was “the fairest of them all”. While checking my bag, the cast member made a sudden stop, telling me that I could not enter the park with one of my items. I was startled, as I thought it was my umbrella that set off the security scanners, but the look on the cast member’s face was certainly more serious.

Magic Kingdom
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He then hilariously pulled out the apple, and asked me who gave it to me. He warned me against eating the apple, and even pulled in another security officer who was next to him, asking her if she thought I should eat the apple. She took one look at my outfit and jumped in on the story, telling me they had been on the lookout for an older lady in a black cloak because there had been rumblings about her handing out some “bad apples”.

I reassured the security staff that I picked the apple myself from my apple tree (also playing into the story we had created), to which they were both relieved. They let me know that regardless, I should be on the lookout during my visit, especially if I rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Snow White and Dopey
Credit: Disney

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Of course, this was a way for the cast members to add some magic to my day before I even stepped foot into the most magical place on earth, and it worked!

Cast members will often play into fun storylines like this when guests are dressed up in a certain way, or even if they have a clothing item or object that resembles a certain character. Don’t even get us started as to what will happen if you are wearing a shirt with a character on it, let’s say Winnie the Pooh, and then you go to meet the silly old bear. Cast members will always do what they can to go above and beyond, embracing you into the Disney story.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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I took down the names of both cast members I spoke with, hopped on the My Disney Experience app, and left two cast compliments for them both. This is something that you can do when a cast member does a little something extra to put a smile on your face. While it is not necessary, it takes under 30 seconds and will have the cast member acknowledged by their boss in a positive manner, which is always a great feeling!

So, if you are trying to walk into Magic Kingdom in the future with an apple on hand, don’t be too worried if security stops you; they are just making sure you didn’t grab a poisoned one.

What magical moment at Walt Disney World stands out to you from previous visits to the theme parks? 

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