Disney Cast Members Banned From Speaking With Each Other

in Walt Disney World

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According to a recent report from a former Walt Disney World Resort employee, some cast members are forbidden from laughing with or speaking to each other at work. Though it’s not an official rule, the former Disney cast member says silence is enforced by nosy guests.

Walt Disney World Resort cast members have been through the wringer in recent months as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enacts laws that heavily impact the more than 70,000 Mouse House employees. One law prohibits homeless Floridians from sleeping in public and heavily restricts their use of public spaces–this affects the more than 10% of Disney cast members who are unhoused.

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Another law impacts most hourly employees in Florida–including thousands of Disney cast members. It gives employers the right to deny water breaks and other previously legally protected mandates. Walt Disney World Resort hasn’t changed anything about its employees’ schedules or work days because of the legislation.

Now, Disney cast members say that some of the Central Florida Disney parks’ more entitled guests demand that employees don’t speak to each other unless necessary. Former character attendant Vanessa Marie (@xvanessaxmariex on TikTok) recently reenacted a difficult guest encounter:


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“Hi, what are you guys talking about?” the guest asked two Disney cast members. “I was watching you from over there, and I was just wondering what was so important that you were talking during someone’s meet-and-greet?”

“You know, I actually find that really rude and disrespectful,” she continued. “They’re trying to meet a character, and you’re chit-chatting.”

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The Disney cast member explained that her co-worker was looking for extra PhotoPass cards because she ran out. Unfortunately, the guest didn’t believe her.

“Right, that’s why you were laughing like you were telling each other jokes,” she replied.

“Do you need anything else?” Vanessa asked. “I have to get back to my character.”

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“Well, you weren’t worried about your character like five minutes ago,” the Disney Park guest said. “Actually, yeah. Call a manager for me. I think they’d be very interested in learning that you’re not doing your job properly.”

Luckily, the responding manager wasn’t too worried about the guest’s complaint.

“So, they were talking and laughing and having a good time?” they asked.

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“I just couldn’t idly sit by and let them goof off on the clock and not let you know,” the guest explained. “I just thought this company was better than that.”

After thanking the guest for her concern, the manager turned to the two cast members: “I don’t even want to know what that was about. Just nod while she walks away… Cool, call me if you need anything!”

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