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A group of Disneyland cast members, dressed in red and blue plaid vests and blue face masks, line both sides of a street, waving to guests who are walking towards the camera.

Credit: Disney


  1. CharlieOrlando

    I guess even Disney isn’t immune to the hyperbolic rantings of insufferable Karens every now and then.

    1. Laura

      THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly

  2. Jeff

    If they make so less they can’t afford a place to live. Maybe Disney needs to quit pocketing profits and start paying there employees more or build an apartment complex at Disney just for their employees that need help with establishing a place to live. If I was CEO, I would do that for my employees cause without them the guests will not be taken care up to Disney’s standards.

    1. GH


  3. Deb

    What is wrong with people?!?! So, you’ve paid the money that it cost to get into Disney World and have a wonderful day and start bitching at employees that are talking and laughing?? In what world was this any of her business? Cheers to the manager❤️

  4. Never had a cast member who didn’t treat me special. Even when talking to one another at the same time. I always join them in the smiles. After all, Disney is a magical place even for workers. The complainers should find something useful to do with their lives
    Thank you Disney workers. 🥰

  5. Just when I thought I heard it all. The complaining person needs to mind her on business.

  6. Donna

    I guess when you cater to the rich and entitled this is what you get.

  7. GH

    When people are in a bad mood, they take it out on cast members. I’ve had that happen to me. I’m glad my manager didn’t make much of it. Most guests are fine though but it only takes one to ruin your day no matter where you work. Heck I had one guest shove me back physically.

  8. Joe

    Completely agree! She’s the worst!!

  9. Gale

    Guess she wants the cast members to be nasty and rude. Thank God for these cast members. Bless them for allowing these rude people to yell and take their whole miserable life out on them. Thank you. All cast members. Most of us appreciate you and Please keep up the good work.

  10. Smitty

    Some people can’t stand happiness.

    I used to work for the government, and one time I received a complaint about two of my employees. The complaint was that they were laughing as they drove a government vehicle.

    Little did they know that we posted it on our board (took out the vehicle ID so no one was identified) and all of us laughed about it for years. I still laugh about it. People like that are sad and pathetic.

  11. Constance Marse

    If you are that unhappy, stay home. Rudeness is uncalled for.

  12. Suzanne H

    Why the Heck is DeDantis allowed to say anything he is such a jerk. He justs to shut place down because he cant have piece of the pie.
    As for Karen she was down right rude. Who is she to say that Emplyees are not allowed to talk or laugh. She is so not a people person and is teaching her children bad habits on how to treat people. Shame on her maybe she should take her kids elsewhere because People talk thats why we have voices.

    1. Suzanne H

      Sorry my laptop is being bad and missing letters so dont be mean about my grammar…. lol

  13. Chris Foley

    Talking, laughing, and having a good time…at the happiest place on Earth!?! The nerve. Who’da thought? Call the cops.

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