International Guest Causes a Scene at Disney World, Berates Several Employees in Lengthy Altercation

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Guests enjoying a performance of the Main Street Philharmonic at Main Street, U.S.A., with Cinderella Castle in the background at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

An international guest caused a lengthy scene at Walt Disney World Resort, berating multiple employees with his entitled behavior.

Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel is perhaps the most magical (and convenient) way to enhance any guest’s Disney vacation to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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All Disney Resort Hotels offer additional perks, such as free transportation to and from Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Disney Springs, early theme park entry, convenient dining and shopping locations, themed rooms, exceptional service, and more.

Unfortunately, this was not enough for an entitled guest who ruined his family’s visit to Disney World with a loud and extensive scene.

A view of the 101 Dalmatians section at the Disney's All-Star Movies Resort in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

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During a recent visit to Disney’s All-Stars Movies Resort at Disney World, Inside the Magic witnessed an international guest causing a lengthy scene at the Disney value resort’s food court area, forcing his family to leave in embarrassment.

A guest entered the hotel’s food court past 11:00 p.m., its official closing time, looking to buy dinner for him and his family. Unfortunately, all the offerings had already been shut down as they had finished their normal operating day, which immediately enraged him.

The man loudly demanded to be served, yelling at multiple Disney World cast members before a manager stepped in to try to explain the situation and inform him that the food court had closed for the day.

The manager offered to help the man with any of the ready meals available at most Disney World Resort Hotels, but he refused and continued to berate him. The man’s family stood outside the food court, covering their faces before leaving the scene in embarrassment.

World Premiere Food Court, the dining location in Disney's All-Star Movies Resort at night. One of the Walt Disney World Resort value hotels
Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

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The entitled guest left the food court for a couple of minutes but quickly returned with another family member and continued to demand to be served. “I don’t understand. It’s just one more food. I need food for one more,” the man yelled at two other managers who had arrived to assist in the incident.

This altercation continued for over 30 minutes, with the guest aggressively requesting to be served past the food court’s closure. This was an impossible demand, considering all kitchens must be shut down and cleaned at the end of every day.

In addition to being hostile, the man’s request was disrespectful of cast members’ time, as he demanded they continue to work past the food court’s operating hours to accommodate him and his family.

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While the hotel managers undoubtedly went to extreme lengths to address the incident, Inside the Magic left the food court before the altercation was resolved.

It is essential that all guests be aware of the operating hours of all Disney World theme parks, as well as the shopping and dining locations at Disney Springs and, in this case, their Disney Resort Hotel.

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