Universal Studios Makeover Is a Major Rip-Off, Disney in the Clear

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Concept art of Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein released by Universal for the Dark Universe area of Epic Universe

Credit: Universal

With the recent announcement of the Epic Universe at Universal Studios, many Disney World fans are biting their nails thinking it might be curtains for the place where dreams come true. While the footage below shows some interesting concepts, all that glitters might not be gold.

Park lands inspired by singular movies and properties are nothing new. The argument could be made that Disney beat their competition to the punch with Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios or Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, a recent tease suggests that Disney might still wear the crown.

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One of the most anticipated projects of the proposed portals is the Dark Universe, described as “A world where Universal’s classic monsters are reimagined in an ominous and chilling experience.” The park has recently introduced a new treat to tide monster maniacs over, but it’s hardly what it says on the marquee.

Universal Studios’ Monster Makeover a Repulsive Rip-Off?

The inside of the Five and Dime Universal Studios Florida store at Universal Orlando Resort.
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort (Ashley Carter via X, formally Twitter)

Where the Walt Disney World Resort has the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Magic Kingdom to turn its guests into Disney royalty, Universal Studios recently unveiled its Monster Makeover experience, where guests can be made into a scary selection of creeps from their favorite creature features by Horror Nights makeup artists.

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While it sounds like a good idea on paper, and it definitely contrasts with Disney’s sweet and saccharine princess variant, is it really as monstrous as advertised? In this writer’s opinion, the only thing scary about this terrifying transformation is its price.

Bippidi Boppidi Boutique
Credit: Disney

Currently $65 buys a “mid-transformation” makeover that covers half the face, while $125 gets the full-faced treatment. That sounds like something hardcore horror hounds would drool over, but what separates it from other face-painting booths found at other Orlando theme parks?

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Even though the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique starts at $99, Disney at least throws in some merch to sweeten the deal as well. That said, the experiences couldn’t be more different, as seen in the video by Kevin Heimbach below.

As pointed out, what guests are truly paying for isn’t so much the makeover as it is the experience. The artists behind the effects at Halloween Horror Nights are truly gifted hands at the brush, but is the hefty price tag truly worth it?

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While the experience is only for a limited time, the freaky faces will all wind up going down the drain with soapy water and/or sweat at the end of a day at the park. With Disney’s boutique, guests are given trinkets and treasures to make their transformations all the more magical.

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When everything’s said and done, Universal guests are paying more for a temporary experience rather than something tangible. The audiences for both makeovers are vastly different consumers, but the value of one over the other is still highly questionable at best.

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