‘Halloween’ TV Series Trailer Explained

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Michael Myers trapped in the fire at the end of 'Halloween' (2018)

Credit: Universal Studios / Miramax / Blumhouse Productions

Is the new Halloween TV series trailer official?

Since it was announced last October that Miramax had acquired the rights to a Halloween television series, fans have been wondering where the long-running slasher franchise will go next. The small screen will be a first for Halloween, but there’s no telling what the new reboot will be about.

The latest three Halloween films from Blumhouse Productions grossed a combined $498.7 million worldwide (against a combined budget of $63 million), so it’s hard to imagine Miramax and Trancas International Films ditching Haddonfield’s incredibly lucrative bogeyman Michael Myers with a new antagonist.

The new series will probably keep things simple (if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it), but on the other hand, maybe the franchise is finally about to try something new.

Michael Myers putting his mask on in 'Halloween' (2018)
Credit: Miramax / Blumhouse Productions / Universal Studios

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A brand-new trailer titled Haddonfield: Halloween TV Series from KH Studios imagines what a Halloween Multiverse could look like as it unites characters from multiple Halloween timelines (the jury’s still out on how many timelines there are, but there are no less than six).

The YouTube channel KH Studios is quickly becoming well-known for producing fan-made trailers, some with the aid of AI (artificial intelligence). The new Halloween trailer is no exception, but it certainly shines a light on the upcoming reboot’s potential, and it’s also a lot more convincing than most fan-made trailers.

Check out the Haddonfield: Halloween TV Series trailer below:

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The trailer uses footage from the last three films in the series, Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills (2021), and Halloween Ends (2022), and unrelated films such as Zodiac (2007).

“Everyone’s got a theory how it started,” the trailer’s narrator says. “About Haddonfield’s original sin. Was it the druids who settled here? Or was it the factories where we grew rich off children we turned into monsters? Was that when God turned his back on this town?”

Michael Myers attacking someone in 'Halloween Kills'
Credit: Universal Studios / Miramax / Blumhouse Productions

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The druids reference relates to the evil cult known as “Thorn” that’s revealed to be behind Michael Myers’ powers in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), while the mention of factories and turning children into monsters also links the trailer with the anthology sequel Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982), in which the mass-produced “Silver Shamrock” masks kill several children on Halloween night.

There are also some familiar faces in the trailer, such as Danielle Harris (Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and Annie Brackett in the two Rob Zombie reboots) and Ellie Cornell (Rachel Carruthers in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5), who appear in footage from films outside the Halloween franchise.

Annie Brackett (Danielle Harris) encountering Michael Myers in the bathroom in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween 2'
Credit: Dimension Films / Trancas International Films

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Though this trailer is entirely fake, a Halloween Multiverse would be pretty interesting, as it would allow the upcoming television series, or perhaps even a new film, to merge multiple Halloween timelines or, at the very least, some of the mythologies.

Either way, Halloween certainly has plenty of multiversal potential given how many times it’s already been rebooted. It’s unlikely to happen, but the official Halloween television series is expected to start a shared universe.

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