Disney Cast Member Helps Guests Narrowly Avoid Disaster

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A Disneyland Cast Member providing a VIP Tour to a family, including a girl decked out in Minnie Mouse clothes

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During a recent trip to Disneyland, guests experienced their worst nightmare when there was a potential medical emergency with their child. Fortunately, a Disney Cast Member was there to ensure everything turned out alright.

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From the Magic Kingdom to Disney California Adventure Park, everyone loves a Disney vacation. Whether you want to enjoy the delightfully cringy puns of the Jungle Cruise or the thrills that come with Big Thunder Mountain, you know you’ll be ready for a magical experience.

Part of what makes these parks run so efficiently is the Cast Members at the base level, doing their best to ensure that everything is operating at its highest potential to ensure guest satisfaction. This was exemplified recently when one Cast Member helped a family through a “potentially life-threatening situation.”

Disney Cast Member Helps Guests in “Potentially Life-Threatening Situation”

A mother and child posing for a photo next to Mater at Radiator Springs in Disney California Adventure
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When you plan one of these vacations for your family, there is a ton of pressure for everything to be perfect. However, things can still go wrong. One of these things, and a parent’s worst nightmare, is a potential medical emergency. This was the case for one family on Reddit when they took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Fortunately, a Disneyland Cast Member was there to make sure everything turned out alright.

My wife lost our daughter’s medical backpack this weekend while watching the light show. It must’ve come unhooked and got left behind when the show ended.

A child wearing Little Green Men Mickey ears holding hands with Woody and Jesse at Disney California Adventure
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Our daughter’s backpack is medically critical. We always keep duplicates of everything in case of emergency but they were at the hotel. Not the end of the world, but definitely would’ve ended the night early. We would survive. Then she realized we didn’t have a duplicate of one specific medicine that is basically globally backordered.

She broke down crying. A CM helped her and my daughter to find the backpack and then even escorted them to Small World (my daughter’s favorite ride), lead them to the front of the line and sent them on their own boat. She TRULY helped my wife and daughter recover the magic of the night and the whole trip.

a Cast Member talking to a young child at Disneyland
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While this alone is enough to give the Cast Member credit, this wasn’t the last time the family interacted with her.

We ran into her two days later again and she not only remembered us but was asking to make sure that we didn’t need anything to make our trip more magical. We talked for a few minutes and it was obvious that she loved helping people. She is the definition of what Walt wanted cast members to be.

A Disney cast member leading a tour of Walt's Apartment at Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland
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When someone has such an effect on you in a disastrous situation on what’s supposed to be a delightful vacation, you want to give them credit. And the family did exactly that.

Alexandra, the lead that helped them, on the off-chance you see this, thank you. I can honestly say that you will be a hero in our lives because you helped avert a potential disaster. Had we not gotten that medicine, we would’ve likely spent the night calling hospitals and pharmacies trying to track down any we could. There aren’t really substitutes for it and not having it IS a potentially life threatening thing.

Disney Cast Members gather together to celebrate the 30th Anniversary on Main Street as Don't Say Gay bill gets an online friend
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I cannot express how thankful we are. While it may have seemed minor to you, you helped my family and then turned around and made them laugh and feel better. You are the prime example of how the magic lives on in Disneyland. Walt would be proud.

Many guests, whether traveling to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California, say the magic has left the parks. While this may seem to be the case on a company level, the Cast Members constantly prove that the magic is still there, especially when they go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Alexandra, and all the other Cast Members who keep creating magic.

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