Disney Magic No Longer Alive as Guests Realize Devastating Truth

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When you think of places like Disney World or Disneyland, you think of the nostalgia and the magic that comes alive each time you walk through those gates and enter a world where anything is possible. That magic might finally be over as hundreds of Disney guests have learned a devastating truth.

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Disneyland News Over the Last Week

Much news has been coming out of Disneyland Resort in California these past seven days. The iconic Space Mountain inside Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park had to shut down after an emergency forced the attraction to close for quite some time. Numerous guests reported on multiple issues that were going on inside of the ride. One guest mentioned how “Space Mountain was down for hours almost every day I was there this last week,” they said on Reddit. “At one point, weird alarms were going off that didn’t sound like part of the ride, and there were a bunch of empty carts coming through.”

In other Disneyland news, the park had to unfortunately cancel a fireworks show following a malfunction captured on TikTok last week. One of the beloved characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) broke down in front of hundreds of guests inside the park during the parade show Halloween Screams at the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This past weekend, an apparent on-ride incident forced another ride to close its doors to guests. Disney’s Jungle Cruise shut down indefinitely after guests were forced to be rescued along with cast members aboard the ride boat after it got stuck out in the waters. Thankfully, everyone onboard, including the cast members, could safely dock and return to their vacation plans without further interruptions.

Fireworks above the castle at Hong Kong Disneyland
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Disney Magic Dead? Guests Say ‘Yes’

These incidents have reportedly caused a widespread infection of down-in-the-dumps Disney guests claiming the same thing: the magic that made Disneyland so great could be dead. Reports are pouring in from all across the United States that the Disney parks in California are being overcrowded with folks who are simply unhappy to the point that they are fighting amongst their loved ones and forcing their children to behave correctly or else.

A Reddit thread is catching some severe heat as over 200 guests and counting have given their two cents on whether or not the magic is alive at Disneyland. The devastating truth has caused many to realize that large crowds, intense heat, and over-priced tickets are not worth the time and effort it takes to plan a Disney vacation at this Disney Resort.

“I’ve been at DCA for 3 hours so far today and have seen so many unhappy & angry people,” said u/Iggipolka in the r/Disneyland subreddit page. “I’ve witnessed multiple arguments between couples with their kids watching or helplessly sitting in the stroller, parents yanking their kid along by the wrist, a couple without kids who were screaming at each other about where to eat lunch and a group of adolescents half of whom ended up just sitting in the middle of the street because they couldn’t agree on what to do next.”

The original Disney characters, including Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy, all standing together behind a Halloween display inside of Disneyland Resort.
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One guest went as far as to mention how some parents think that a trip to Disneyland Resort is some sort of “Christmas present” when it’s not. “This is so true – a lot of parents think ‘Disneyland’ is like getting their kid a Christmas present, that is to say something they ‘ought’ to do, rather than thinking through the true ramifications of deciding to do something for their kids.”

Even the locals chimed into the conversation, stating how they walked “16 miles in two days” when they visited. “Even the most resilient people are ground down after that, but your points still stand. A lot of stress also comes from not preparing and planning.”

Another person mentioned how people underestimate the high stress that comes with Disney vacations. “People go thinking Disney is all magic but in reality its a 16+ mile a day marathon where the less you know the worse your trip will be,” said u/Flagge33. “Disney is a lot of work between the planning before the vacation and upkeep during the actual trip. Add to that people that don’t expect the physical toll that is taken on all members of the group, especially kids its a recipe for disaster around the mid-day mark.”

Whether you’re returning to Disneyland after multiple trips, going for the first time in a long time, or going for the first time, remember: that you’re on vacation. Breathe in and out, and do not let others around you determine your behavior. Enjoy it for what it is, and be grateful that you can visit such a sought-after location like Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park or Walt Disney World Resort. You can read the entire Reddit post by clicking here.


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