“Doomed” Roller Coaster Reopens At California Theme Park

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A full car on Ghost Rider at Knott's Berry Farm

Credit: Knott's Berry Farm

After years of being closed due to maintenance, a fan-favorite roller coaster that some fans considered “doomed” is finally reopening.

A night ride on Hangtime at the beloved California Theme Park Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

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While primarily known for its classic family rides and attractions like the Calico Mine Ride, Timber Mountain Log Ride, and Ghost Town Alive, Knott’s Berry Farm is also home to some iconic coasters, including the beloved wooden roller coaster Ghost Rider and their newest addition, the dive coaster HangTime.

However, one of the amusement park’s fan-favorite thrill rides, Xcelerator, has been down for a while now. But after years of sitting on the boardwalk like a skeleton, guests can finally get back in the driver’s seat of Xcelerator.

Xcelerator is Finally Back at Knott’s Berry Farm

Guests at Knott's Berry Farm riding Xcelerator
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

Xcelerator has had a difficult journey at Knott’s Berry Farm. Not only was its location home to two failed roller coasters before it but it has been plagued with maintenance issues throughout its existence, as well as a few rider injuries. Despite this, the speed launch roller coaster is still a fan-favorite due to its high-speed nature and unique layout on the West Coast.

Initially closed so the thrill ride could get a new coat of paint, Xcelerator has since been closed for over two years when a maintenance issue was discovered, and a necessary part couldn’t arrive in time due to shipping problems. After it finally got some test runs, another problem was discovered, leading many roller coaster enthusiasts to predict it won’t open until 2024 or even consider the ride “doomed” like its predecessors.

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Fortunately, this was not the case, as Xcelerator finally opened to the public about a month later. Fans were ecstatic, sharing videos of the popular ride’s first day in action and even their wait times on social media. While they’re a bit longer now due to only one train operating at a time, people are just happy to see the orange and blue titan open again.

After news of the merger between Cedar Fairs and Six Flags, fans of Knott’s Berry Farm were worried about what this meant for the iconic Buena Park landmark. However, it looks like things are already off to a nice start with this ride coming back. However, that doesn’t mean Knott’s is entirely out of the woods yet.

What About Knott’s Other Beloved Closed Roller Coaster?

A giant snake on the entrance sign for Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Jeremy Thompson via Wikimedia Commons

While the issues with Xcelerator seem to have been resolved (for now), there is one more iconic coaster that people are waiting to hear about: Montezooma’s Revenge. And given the current circumstances between Knott’s and the company reimagining the ride, it might be a while.

Considered a historical landmark by American Coaster Enthusiasts, Montezooma’s Revenge is beloved by roller coaster enthusiasts and Knott’s Berry Farm fans alike. Along with a revamp of the entire Fiesta Village section of the park, Knott’s also promised a new version of the classic thrill ride, with multiple effects added to the layout to bring it up to modern-day standards.

The launch part of the Montezooma's Revenge roller coaster
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

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Unfortunately, it is reported that the company working on the new experience messed up and accidentally dismantled the loop. Due to modern regulations, it cannot be reconstructed under current OSHA guidelines. Now, Knott’s is involved in a lawsuit with the contractor, meaning they can’t make any comments on the ride. While this is only a rumor, the ride still remains closed, and the loop is gone.

It’s exciting to see that Xcelerator has returned to Knott’s Berry Farm, but that doesn’t mean that Knott’s coaster woes are over. It’s beginning to look more and more like Montezooma’s Revenge won’t be returning, at least any time soon. And for an amusement park known for its historic attractions, that would be a significant loss.

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