Knott’s Berry Farm Fiesta Village Returns Without Its Signature Roller Coaster

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Jaguar and the loop for Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Bery Farm

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After a tough rainy season, Knott’s Berry Farm is set to regain some momentum with the newly renovated Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel and the soon-to-be reopened Fiesta Village. Unfortunately, the refurbished section will be opening without its signature attraction.

Knott's Berry Farm theme park in California
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Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA, has successfully been competing with Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Six Flags Magic Mountain as one of the best theme parks in Southern California. Founded by Walter Knott, the Park became famous for being the home of the boysenberry. Knott’s farm became a constant stop for travelers when his wife, Cordelia Knott, began serving fried chicken dinners and boysenberry pie out of their home.

Since then, Knott’s has become beloved for its thrilling rides, like Ghostrider, Hangtime, Xcelerator, and the Timber Mountain Log Ride. It also has epic seasonal experiences, including Knott’s Scary Farm, Knott’s Merry Farm, and the Boysenberry Festival.

Fiesta village at knott's berry farm, coming update for the southern california theme park
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Knott’s also has terrific theming with the old west-themed Ghost Town, Camp Snoopy filled with Peanuts characters, and even the Soak City Waterpark located just across from the Park.

One of its classic sections, Fiesta Village, has been under renovation for quite some time now, with the promise of exciting new versions of classic rides and a better atmosphere overall. While Fiesta Village is scheduled to reopen on May 26, the newly refurbished area will be opening without its signature attraction, Montezooma’s Revenge.

Montezooma’s Revenge Will (Not) Be Swift–Classic Knott’s Berry Farm Ride’s Opening Delayed

Rendering of the new entrance for Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

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Montezooma’s Revenge, now renamed MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress, is a classic shuttle loop roller coaster that launches riders forward through a loop and then sends them back through the same loop. The ride remains significant for roller coaster enthusiasts since it is the last standing shuttle loop in the United States.

Knott’s Berry Farm describes its new ride:
The legend surrounding the whereabouts of Montezuma’s gold has beguiled treasure hunters far and wide. Many have dredged Mexican rivers, even plunged into the Pacific in search of the riches. But alas, a handful of the clever scavengers have found themselves in the true resting place of the infamous gold – just outside a small village in California, Fiesta Village. The time has come to see if new adventurers can succeed in extracting the gold and break the curse that has fallen upon many who have tried and failed. But, beware the way forward might not always be as expected. Introducing MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress, a new twist on a revered classic coaster experience that may alter your ability to escape with the treasure once and for all!

The plaque in front of Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

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Along with new queue theming, the most significant change to the coaster will be the randomized launch sequence, where riders won’t know whether they’ll be launched forward or backward. This is an exciting new addition to a classic ride.

Unfortunately, Knott’s Berry Farm announced that the ride wouldn’t open with the rest of the new section, citing construction delays. Hopefully, Guests will get to enjoy this new experience soon.

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