Knott’s Berry Farm Shuts Down After Multiple Fights, Potential Gunfire in Park

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It was just confirmed by Knott’s Berry Farm itself that the popular California theme park closed early for the night due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Knott’s Berry Farm typically closes at 11 p.m., but the Park reportedly started shutting things down around 9 p.m. The theme park just shared the following tweet giving a few more details about the closure:

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So far, there have been multiple reports of violence, fights, rioting, and even gunfire at the Park. Knott’s Berry Farm has yet to release a complete statement on why the Park closed early. On the official Reddit page for the theme park, users discussed what they potentially saw transpire.

One user stated, “I was there when they made the announcement. A dude showed me a video of a security guard who was kicked in the head. On the way out I seen paramedics treating him.”

HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm
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A TikTok video shared just hours ago shows a situation taking place that involved Guests and security. See the video linked below shared by @pamchana74:


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On Twitter, users are trying to piece together what exactly happened at the Park. Twitter user korie Schultz (@KorieSchultz) shared screenshots of a few Facebook posts which reveal further details about this incident:

What the heck is going on at Knotts!! You all please be safe! Raise your kids right! Allegedly there are mobs of teenagers roaming the park fighting, being vandals and stealing! Raise your kids right, this is not it!

Twitter user 33_Wonderland (33_Wonderland) shared the following first-hand account:

saw one of multiple fights that broke out tonight between teenagers. Security guards were trying to stop them but there were a couple hundred teens. Later I saw one young guy on the ground who had be

The story has now developed further, with EMTs and BPPD arriving on the scene, as shown in a tweet from Jonathan (@jonathantashima):

EMT and BPPD on the scene now.

This is a breaking story; we will continue updating it as more information comes out. 

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