Roller Coaster Cable Snaps Mid-Ride With Guests Aboard

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Knott's Berry Farm theme park in California

Credit: Knott's Berry Fram

A shocking theme park incident took the internet by storm for a second time.

When visiting your favorite theme park– whether it be a Disney Park like Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, or if it be another around the country, including Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, Cedar Point, or SeaWorld Orlando– the most important aspect of your trip is that you’re safe.

Knott's Berry Farm theme park view
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

Team Members take extensive courses and training sessions to ensure that they know what to do when a malfunction happens at a theme park, but what happened in this particular incident was likely more than they ever thought they’d have to handle.

Thrillscape recently posted a video that has since received more than 16 million views on TikTok. The video is graphic in nature and shows a roller coaster cable snapping mid-ride with Guests onboard.


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Though many viewers of the 16 million viewers who saw the video thought the incident was recent, this actually happened back in 2009 at Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park in California.

A father and son were enjoying the Xcelerator coaster when a cable snapped and hit the young 12-year-old boy, causing lacerations. The severed cable hit the boy in the calf and sprayed debris in the face of his father. Knott’s Berry Farm would eventually settle outside of court, reaching a confidential financial agreement with the family.

Knott's Berry Farm aerial theme park view LA times
Credit: LA Times

After much rehab, the young boy– named Kyle– was able to walk again.

The Xcelerator is still open today at the California theme park, but more safety measures have been put into place to ensure that an accident like this never happens again. The roller coaster touts itself as extremely intense. The coaster goes from 0 mph to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds as you fly 205 feet into the air before immediately hurtling 90 degrees straight back down.

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