Disney Prepares ‘Wish’ Attractions Ahead of November Release

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New Disney Release - 'Wish' 2023

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Disney is about to open a new attraction inspired by its upcoming film Wish, premiering towards the end of a challenging year for the company. It even lost Mickey Mouse and saw the four horsemen of the media apocalypse: politics, natural disasters, entertainment strikes, and critical panning of its movies.

Yet in the ‘show must go on’ spirit, Disney prepares Wish attractions ahead of the release in November.

Asha (Ariana DeBose) kneels down next to her goat in 'Wish'
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Disney Prepares Wish Attractions at EPCOT in Walt Disney World

The Disney Wish program is a part of a completely different charity endeavor, as the Make-A-Wish icon contributes significantly to the cause. Instead, this Disney dream is about the upcoming film Wish.

It features modern technology with classic Disney fantasy elements that add to its conservative elements. It’s been reported as a return to more conservative roots, with the Walt Disney Imagineering working on the quality of the film for its theatrical release.

This is opposed to pushing messaging through the storyline, as many have recently accused the Walt Disney Company of doing so. Instead, this Walt Disney World theme park attraction harkens to more traditional options.

Lightning striking EPCOT as Disney prepares a 'Wish' character
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Walt Disney Animation Studios and Theme Park Collaboration

To create a cohesive universe for the Disney story brand, the Disney Princess film must align with the character experience at the Walt Disney World Resort.

In Florida, the EPCOT celebrations include the Journey of Water Inspired by Moana, slated to open on October 16, 2022. It appears that the Walt Disney Company plans to use the proven success of Moana to facilitate the Disney Wish movie’s reception from fans.

King Magnifico in Wish trailer
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Preparing for Disney Character Meetings

Wish premieres almost a month after the Journey of Water Inspired by Moana in Walt Disney World opens. The feature is available starting October 16, 2023, but it won’t be until the release of the Disney Wish movie on November 22, 2023, that the character meetups begin.

The value of meeting Asha is one of the incredible feats of Walt Disney Imagineering. It takes a character from a film and creates something tangible and magical for children. A meet and greet is a massive part of many lives, and whether it’s on a Disney Cruise Line or at a Disney Park, character integrity can make or break success.

disney wish the little mermaid
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Walt Disney Company Cast Member Issues

Before the Wish movie release in November, Disney Parks is already preparing Asha as a character. These cast members are essential to any Disney fantasy remaining cohesive. The characters become the magic from Castaway Cay to Magic Kingdom, a Disney Cruise Ship, or the Haunted Mansion theme park feature.

Yet the Walt Disney Company has encountered issues with its cast members. It experienced a lawsuit based on wage inequality and resolved other scale issues at Disney World or other resorts on a case-by-case basis.

Despite these efforts to preserve Disney’s treasure in the form of character integrity, there’s been ample criticism both of and by Walt Disney cast members.

Cast Member Strikes Bring Magic to a Halt in Paris
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Disney Characters: An Essential Presence

Whether it’s a Disney Cruise Ship, a Disney story, or the actual venture to Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, the Walt Disney brand is only as valuable as it can remain cohesive.

The effectiveness of characters, whether at the World Showcase, World Celebration, or throughout Fairytale Hall, relies on quality acting and a healthy work environment.

Asha (Ariana DeBose) stands looking shocked in 'Wish'
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Asha is the Newest Character

A virtue of the Walt Disney Company is its agility, the ability to change over time. With the apparent plans to use Moana’s success to make Wish great, there is promise for the EPCOT feature.

The ongoing value of Disney character meetings is essential to keeping the cruise ship business and theme parks alive. Together, the film Wish and the character Asha have the chance to solidify Disney’s highly anticipated film.

Have you ever had a character meet aboard a Disney ship or seen the Little Mermaid in the park? Share your story down below!

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