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Mickey and Minnie on the Teacups at Disneyland

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Disney and the Disney Parks are a continuous source of joy and magic for millions of fans around the world, and that’s not an understatement. Every year, over 12 million Guests take a trip to the Disney Parks, and many are likely repeat customers. With so many conflicting reports coming out of the Parks lately, what has them under the company’s magic spell?

Child wearing Mickey Mouse hat with parents in front of Cinderella Castle
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The immortal question “why go to Disney?” has been tossed around even by the most decorated Park-hoppers for years. To the casual fan, places like Walt Disney World might come off as a gaudy theme park where a cult of Guests worships at the yellow feet of a giant mouse. However, those who have given in to cutting loose in the Magic Kingdom have made no secret of the absolute joy they’ve felt while visiting.

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It’s not hard to have a good time at any of the Disney Parks, but it is quite remarkable how vocal the studio’s fanbase can be. Many visitors have confessed to being absolutely spellbound every time they enter the Parks’ gates. Some have even gone as far as saying Disney has hypnotized them into letting themselves go.

Healed by the Power of Disney World!

young girl hugs Cinderella at meet and greet at Disneyland
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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld had Guests sharing just how much of an influence Disney has on them whenever they make a trip, and some replies are truly out there. The original poster begins the conversation when they share their most recent encounter with Daisy Duck by writing,

“I’m a 46-year old man. I’m bald, I have crow’s feet, my back hurts, I have two small children, and I worry constantly about the world they’re going to inherit from us. Why was I pinky promising Daisy Duck yesterday, swearing to her very sincerely that we’d make another trip back to WDW as soon we could?”

Granted, it’s hard not to be pulled into the illusion created by the Character Meet and Greets. It comes off as creepy if we don’t. However, the conversation didn’t just stop at character interactions.

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Several Guests commented how Walt Disney World’s environment and commitment to immersion is what further pulls them into the fold. Disney’s Imagineers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to fully separate the property from the rest of Florida, and Guests definitely notice.

A Whole New World

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There are several comments that mention the infamous “Disney Bubble,” and its effects are felt the minute Guests check into their resorts. So much goes into making sure Guests truly feel like they’ve entered Disney’s world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

u/Sanders0492 writes,

[It’s] the Disney bubble and it’s more effective on some people. My wife and I are suckers for it. You get there and all of a sudden life is pure, 100% enjoyment. Natural happiness is a heck of a drug.

To which u/CorpseJuiceSlurpee replies,

“So much this. The bubble is what makes WDW so fantastic, and why so many people are/were upset with the changes recently.”

But u/djdave701 says it all when they add,

“My wife and I always talk about this as a reason we love going and staying at Disney. The second you are on property, unless you make a conscious effort by checking social media or changing channels on your resort TV, you very well can go your entire trip without really checking in on the outside world…It’s so easy to disconnect.”

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It’s not just Reddit-users that share these opinions, and some Guests have even gone as far as stating Disney World helped or cured their depression. Like any vacation, the point of visiting Walt Disney World is simply to get away from it all, go have fun experiencing what the new environment has to offer… and maybe getting a hug from Mickey Mouse too.

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