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Mickey and Minnie on the Teacups at Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Gary

    I will tell you a story there was a little boy named Sawyer from the city I live in who had an tumor on his brain that could not be operated on. I found out about him after he and his family was given a free trip to Disney he was 5 at the time. I felt that I should do something to help cheer him up so I gave him some of my Disney things. Later I thought I needed to do something more and I got a hold of the right CM in Disney and asked if they would make something special for Sawyer and it happened. I got a pkg not long after which had a Mickey Mouse plush, a card from Mickey & Minnie with words to cheer him up and that special item I asked for. I got the pkg to his parents and assume that he got to see them because he died not long after. I did all this because I am a former CM and hope to be in the future and I am also a distant cousin to the Disney family on multiple lines. So I totally believe Disney can at least heal temporary if not for good. What my cousin Walt created needs to be kept up!

    1. Crystal

      That was an absolute most precious thing you did for that child, it’s the magical moments that kept me and my husband visiting year after year.

      1. Gary

        Thank you Crystal to me it was something that I needed to do! Gary

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