Disney World Could Solve Line Cutting but Refuses, Guests Say

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a disney world line for haunted mansion after three day refurbishment causes 10 hour prolonged delay in opening

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Walt Disney World line cutting is a persistent issue, and guests say the Central Florida Disney Park refuses to do anything about it.

There are dozens of magical attractions throughout Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From classics like “it’s a small world” and Haunted Mansion to brand-new technological feats like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, there’s an experience for every family member.

If you’re worried about fitting everything into your Disney Parks vacation, don’t fret. Though the complimentary FastPass+ service ended a few years ago, guests can still skip the line with paid Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane service. Some attractions also offer a free single rider line for parties who don’t mind being split up to avoid a long wait!

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Some guests refuse to utilize these multiple time-saving options. Instead, they lie about family members at the front of the queue, hold spots for each other, or hop into the Lightning Lane line after using the standby entrance.

Line cutting is such an issue at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort that both Disney Parks put up signs to mitigate it. Some guests have gotten into physical fights over line jumping. But even after years of complaints, nothing has changed.

This week, Disney Parks fans on Reddit discussed ways for Walt Disney World Resort to stop line jumping.

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“There needs to be a second magicband tap on every ride,” u/H8TheDrake argued. “The amount of people I saw just hopping over into the lightning lane was ridiculous. [Big Thunder Mountain Railroad] was the worst. Not sure when they got rid of the second tap spot, but they need to bring it back. Star Tours was bad too.”

“Yes! We saw a family of 3 do this right in front of us on space mountain but because of second tap they got caught,” u/Beautiful-Onion-4282 agreed. “They were sent to exit the ride and I assume maybe they went back to the end of the line.”

However, second MagicBand touchpoints aren’t the perfect solution. According to a former Disney Cast Member, they cause major operational issues – especially at attractions like Toy Story Mania!.

Toy Story Mania Line with cardboard cutouts of board game pieces.
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“We fought to remove dual tap from ours,” u/gorf313 wrote. “Thank goodness at our merge position we have a camera on 2/3rds of the area where the lines are side by side. So we could catch people if they hopped.”

“But having the second scan operating can choke point the efficiency,” they explained. “Especially at a ride like Mania where three tracks are going at once combined with people getting 3d glasses right at merge as well it turned into a choke point where we could very easily start sending empty vehicles which is THE cardinal sin of Theme parks… The occasional sin of some crappy guests loses out to screwing up the amount carried guests.”

A little boy and a little girl smile while wearing 3D glasses on Toy Story Midway Mania.
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But Disney Cast Members are trying to stop line cutters, even without second touchpoints.

“I saw someone get thrown out of Everest for doing this and I don’t think they have a second tap?” u/kurtni recalled. “Maybe I’m forgetting. They let the guy get all the way to where you get counted and he got escorted out for line jumping. I wondered if there was a camera or a CM just saw him and radioed his description.”

Have you noticed guests jumping a Walt Disney World line? Share your experience with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on personal Disney Parks Guest experiences. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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