Disney Urges Guests Not to Cut in Line, Fans Say “It’s So Bad”

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Crowds at Disney World's Animal Kingdom

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When Guests go to Walt Disney World, they must always recognize that there are rules and regulations that must be abided by, such as waiting in line for attractions. Walt Disney World and Disneyland both offer many rides, restaurants, shows, and attractions at the Resorts.

At times, the selection can be overwhelming which may cause stress for some Guests, especially when lines are long. Wait times can end up being hours long for attractions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight, but if a Guest chooses to enter the queue, they will have to wait in the order in which they entered.

Unfortunately, like any theme park, line-cutting is a prevalent problem, with many reporting the issue has been growing over the last few years.

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While Disney Cast Members do their best to try and make sure Guests follow the rules, issues can still slip through the cracks.

However, one Guest specifically saw a sign indicating Disney is starting to crack down on line cutting, jumping, and any other forms of “rule-breaking” in the Parks. See the photo shared in a tweet from WDWords (@WDWords) below:

More rides need this. It’s so frustrating to have people “jump ahead” to meet up with the rest of their party.

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As you can see, there is now a sign telling Guests to keep their parties together before entering the queue. This sign appears to be placed in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, presumably for the incredibly popular Flight of Passage, a ride that easily garners multiple-hour wait times daily.

In the comment section of the tweet, several Guests offered their take on the situation. Megan Burns (@Megan_Burns97) said:

It’s been SO BAD lately at all parks. I’m not sure why they’re not stopping people but it’s getting so ridiculous when 4 and 5 people are rejoining two placeholders. I don’t care if you guys were eating.

Disney’s Forgotten Princess (@JodieLynne_517) said:

Our last visit was horrible. I don’t mind a parent coming back to line with drinks for the family or with a kid coming back from restroom but we were seeing groups of 6+ cutting the line to meet with 1 placeholder. Happening more than ever and I visit 1-3x a year for last 20 yrs.

Hopefully, this sign will at least stop a few Guests from jumping in line and passing by others who waited their turn.

Have you experienced line cutting at Disney?

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