Fans Rave Over New Disney Park Addition

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DisneySea overview Mountain

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The time has come, the Disney Theme Park says, to talk of other things: a celebration in honor of this spot’s 40th anniversary.

Tokyo Disneyland Space Mountain transformation concept art
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Disney Theme Parks, an International Presence

The Walt Disney Company is a proverbial Winnie the Pooh, a hand in the honey pot in Hong Kong, Florida, California, Shanghai, and of course, Tokyo Disney Resort. Even those who can’t make it to the Magic Kingdom or Mysterious Island still get to appreciate the Disney World magic through the big and small screens.

Tokyo Disneyland is a major attraction because it stands out from any other Disney Resort. The same apply for Universal Studios Japan and the theme park there. The pique in Tokyo Disneyland interest lies at the unique character of this particular Disney theme park.

Guests ride on logs through water on Splash Mountain
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Tokyo Disney Theme Park Throws Birthday Celebration

According to the official Tokyo Disney Theme Park website, the entire area is lit up with celebratory Tokyo Disneyland décor. Whether hitting the Tokyo Bay attraction or just feeling out the Walt Disney Imagineering, the entire area is setup to use the most modern options that any Disneyland Resort has to offer.

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Rapunzel's Forest at night at Tokyo Disney Resort's Fantasy Springs
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What Makes the Disney World Tokyo Resort Special

Disney World has an international presence; in each country a different cultural character shows. Walt Disney World and Shanghai Disneyland have similar themes but are entirely different Disney theme parks.

Twitter user @oathjpg openly declared missing Tokyo Disney, especially Mermaid Lagoon (and that was during a trip to a separate Walt Disney World Resort).

The Tokyo Disney Theme Park is special for many reasons. First is its massive size (especially for Japan). Tokyo Disneyland spans a full 110 acres. It holds Disney World classics like Adventureland and Disney Sea, only in Tokyo and using a lot of higher-end technology that the Walt Disney World Company rolls out in a controlled market.

Tokyo Disney Resort  Unique Theme Park Attractions Draw Fan Interest

According to Twitter user @morefunmasato “Impressed by the performance of 700 planes”

These rave reviews of the Walt Disney theme park brings promise to the Tokyo Disney Resort’s birthday celebrations. Japan’s Tokyo Disney Park makes the most of Tokyo DisneySea, and the Walt Disney Company culture, by reflecting on Japan’s rich technological presence.

Through drone shows and impressive Tokyo Disneyland features, the attractions are eco-friendly and easy to sustain. By applying these Walt Disney Company technologies during changing times (like the abolition of the US Splash Mountain), it lets Disney Theme Parks use the most practical features at any given park.

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Tokyo Disneyland: A Travelers Theme Park Paradise

There are plenty of Disney theme park enthusiasts who prefer Tokyo Disneyland over Walt Disney World or even Disneyland Paris or the Hong Kong location. It seems to come down to the following reasons:

The official Tokyo Disneyland anniversary, per the site is slated to last until March 31, 2024, giving Tokyo Disney enthusiasts ample time to make plans for a visit.

What do you think about the Tokyo Disney Theme Park birthday milestone? Give a shoutout to anyone sharing the big 40 this year (and a happy un-birthday to all).

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